Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis: Caught Cuddling!

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Label it however you want, but Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have clearly seen each other naked.

A week after an insider reported the former That 70s Show co-stars were involved in some kind of relationship, cameras caught Kunis and Kutcher getting extremely cozy with each other on July 4.

Close Up of Mila Kunis
Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men

According to X17, which snapped photos of Mila and Ashton snuggling up, the pair spent the holiday with friends and family members at a Los Angeles residence. At one point, the gorgeous actress took a dip in the pool, emerged, wrapped herself in a towel…

… and totally public displayed her affection for Kutcher.

Rumors of these stars hooking up first surfaced in April, when witnesses spotted them on a getaway outside Santa Barbara. We've been in denial ever since, but now must admit there are obviously benefits involved in this friendship.

Nude benefits, in case that was unclear.


Beware of AIDS/HIV.


Firstly, we don't really know who anyone is or isn't dating...It may be for PR to keep their name in print for upcoming movies...For all we know Mila is Lesbian...she says she's never dated and supposedly was with Culkin for 8 years who is either gay or a druggy....she's never been with any like real guys...james franco, ashton, may also be gay....who knows...She's a likable, pretty girl but the bs that comes out of mouth...sounds like airhead!!!


Mila please get, std, HIV, Syphilis cx and your yearly pap if haven't already. I don't know if other people are realizing what's going on but you seem to lie about your relations that you have with different men like justin Timberlake. I can possibly see that you are trying to protect your career and more. But everything in dark eventually comes out in the light is starting to happen to you. Your a gorgeous girl and think you would wonderful in modeling as well. Please take care of your body as a temple and respect yourself. Good luck, hope all goes well in your future. ^_^


I never really believed this story until now, mainly because i thought she wouldn't reduce herself to "just another girl" for Ashton Kutcher. Seriously Mila? You're better than just some chick that Ashton got to bang after a week or two.


Apparently she is not as smart as everybody thought she was, she has fallen for a dog! He cheated while married even before he got caught with Sara Leal and right after he continued and still continues to sleep with various women even though his divorce is not yet finalized and while he is making plans with his wife to reconcile!!! WTF ??? He was doing Lorene Scafaria and Rihanna right before Mila and that was their punch line "we are just friends!" All these women including Mila are selling their self respect by letting themselves being used for sexual pleasure and bragging rights by this sleazebag. His life story tells everything about him; caught stealing, party animal, dropped out of college...his character is pretty obvious and people like that DON'T CHANGE!!! Mila I wish you good luck!

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