Anger Management Ratings: Is Charlie Sheen Winning?

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Hmmm... what's the opposite of winning?

A week after his new sitcom posted historic numbers for FX - becoming the network's most-watched premiere of all-time - Charlie Sheen and Anger Management plummeted back to reality last Thursday night.

The third episode of the series brought in 3.37 million viewers overall, a 38 percent drop from the prior week. A similar decline was experienced in the coveted advertiser demographic of 18-49-year olds, as 35 percent fewer (2.65 million) tuned in for week two.

Charlie Sheen on Anger Management

Still, if the latter figures hold steady, Anger Management will be considered a wild success for a cable comedy, on par with Wilfred (2.5 million) and way ahead of Louie (1.4 million).

Prepare yourselves if this comes true, people: FX has signed an unusual deal with Sheen that promises an addition 90 - yes, 90! - episodes if the sitcom is picked up beyond the initial 10.


You guys are hateful, what did you expect? All shows having growing pains, family guy was an instant hit, granted its two different types of shows and this was hyped to the gills. The writers can't make every show a home run. He has ten episodes, why not wait to see where it goes. Than you can be a critic.


Actually, the second and third episodes were better than the first....the writing is picking up speed. The first episode was basically to set the cast...give you some background for the characters. It really amazes me that people "don't have enough time" to give to a new show YET can waste time sitting at their computer complaining about said show. We've lost a lot of good shows over the years because the younger generation has been raised to expect immediate results.


Not very good at this point... To bad i normally like shows with Charlie.


I learned to like Charlie on Spin City after I got over seeing Michael J Fox leave; never watched 2.5 men. This show is fair, but not quite good enough to watch. Nice to see Michael Boatman though.


Funnier than the current Two and a Half Men.....that's not saying much. Both shows are a real let down. Charlie, you f'd up a good thing.


That show SUCKED bad!
I didnt even finish
watching the 1st show.
Hes such an ugly man.


His show sucks. Could not make myself sit through entire episode. I have removed it from recording schedule.

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