Anger Management Ratings: Is Charlie Sheen Winning?

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Hmmm... what's the opposite of winning?

A week after his new sitcom posted historic numbers for FX - becoming the network's most-watched premiere of all-time - Charlie Sheen and Anger Management plummeted back to reality last Thursday night.

The third episode of the series brought in 3.37 million viewers overall, a 38 percent drop from the prior week. A similar decline was experienced in the coveted advertiser demographic of 18-49-year olds, as 35 percent fewer (2.65 million) tuned in for week two.

Charlie Sheen on Anger Management

Still, if the latter figures hold steady, Anger Management will be considered a wild success for a cable comedy, on par with Wilfred (2.5 million) and way ahead of Louie (1.4 million).

Prepare yourselves if this comes true, people: FX has signed an unusual deal with Sheen that promises an addition 90 - yes, 90! - episodes if the sitcom is picked up beyond the initial 10.

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"Anger" is not funny at all, too much talk for nothin. "Men" sucks obviously now, but don' forget It sucked the last season with Charly too. The writers started to screw it much before Charlie left "Men". Jake when kid was way better than the old jack ass one whit his partner booboo stupid ass I dont remember his name. Herb was the best with Berta and blabla bla I could go one bye bye !!! Im argentinian and dont speak much english so dont comment too complicated please if so.


I like it: the characters are starting to blend together, especially from the 4th episode..


Charlie is playing the same character he played on "Men". Nothing new, the first episode was interesting, but nothing since. The new "Men" is lame also, so I say it's a tie. Both shows suck.


I don't think Sheen's show is very good at all. It's not even as funny as the current 2 1/2 Men, let alone the previous ones.


I love love this new show need more


I cant believe people are actually arguing over such irrelevant nonsense as this. And don't bother writing your wasteful replies (though I daresay logic shan't stay your hands)for I shall not revisit this site to read them. Blah blah blah, and blah, Charlie sheen is winning. You all should an hero. Le End.
Troll. :D


I watched the first episode, and did not laugh once. The supporting cast is certainly not helping, none are funny, and the whole premise of the show is ridiculous. It is too bad because Charlie is really a funny guy and needs more help, including a completely new cast, better writers, and a more believable role for Charlie for us to believe.


Picking up speed or not. It's just not funny at all. It's not just him. They could've used a better cast. Some of them are annoying. In no way am I hating on them, cuz they're on t.v as it is. Two and a half men is horrible without him. I think they both lost. They should've spoofed two and a half men. That would've been a funnier story line in my opinion.


when is it on?


*family guy wasn't an instant hit. Autocorrect.

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