America's Got Talent Review: Shooting out of Nick Cannon

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The final set of 48 original contestants performed on America's Got Talent last night. How did your favorite fare?

David "The Bullet" Smith - I don't understand why David even has to wear a helmet; if things go awry, I doubt it would help things. His act was pre-taped, since it would have been much darker if it was actually 8 p.m. The setup took too long with the cheerleaders, but I credit him for trying to fill 90 seconds. He shot correctly, albeit a little further than the middle of the net.
Grade: B+

All That! - No one is going to remind us that All That (without the exclamation point) has auditioned before and has lost. One of the members used the word "fight scene" and I was cautious. The group looked like the United Colors of Benetton (or an A capella group). Sure they were clean and their formations were great, up until the fight scene. If the group wanted to show masculinity, the fight scene looked gay.
Grade: B

Lindsey Norton on America's Got Talent

Ulysses - Ulysses lost all his hair, so he got a wig. He was smart enough to get backup dancers, similar to Big Barry. His version of "Bandstand Boogie" was decent; the dancers were decent. Occasionally Ulysses had breathing issues, but I thought he didn't deserve to be X-ed out. He wasn't like Big Barry who was off-key.
Grade: C+

Joe Castillo - Joe had a great story about how his father influenced him. Joe started with the Earth and I was happy to see the use of colors to emphasize each of his animals he made. Anyone who draws pandas also gets extra credit. I love that he uses both hands to draw.
Grade: A-

Sebastien "El Charro de Oro" - Mariachi is beautiful, and culturally amazing, but there's something similar to LionDanceMe where there's a cultural boundary where both acts can't become mainstream. You're either going to accept them or not. Sebastien's lower register hasn't really come in so it sounded weaker than it should. When he hits the high notes, those are amazing. He ended on a very strong high note and it won over everyone.
Grade: A-

Eric Dittelman - Eric shifted from magic to mind reading somewhere in high school and admitted to mind-reading being a bit flawed. He did an act that involved a "Deal or No Deal" and it worked wonders. I loved the drama and interaction that Dittleman did and made a small-scale mental act Vegas-sized.
Grade: A

William Close - William has 15 years of experience behind his belt and it shows. It's smart that he has a band surrounding him because hearing a violin-esque instrument for 90 seconds could be annoying. The spinning drums were also cool and showed development. I'm still not sure where the strings were attached to, but he did everything that he could to fight for a spot.
Grade: A

Unity in Motion - We're reminded that Turf was supposed to be intimidated by Unity in Motion. It seems like the group has two intense Abby Lee Miller-style choreographers. The girls were clean and they remind me a lot of the British winning troupe Spellbound. Unity in Motion had great presentation, didn't show any flaws and maintained their grace.
Grade: A

Eric & Olivia - The music clicked for the two of them instantly in college, Eric's responsible for the arrangements. The two were placed on a difficult night to stand out. Olivia or the band seemed a bit off key in the beginning. In a season of generally weak singers, Olivia's voice is distinctive and has warmth, but she was squeaking at points.
Grade: B-

Lindsey Norton - Lindsey sounds like a stereotypical high school student, but she seems to be mentally prepared for the competition. She used the mirrored effect to emphasize her routine, which isn't uncommon, but shows interesting angles of flexibility. She did some great rolling moves and she upped her game, I wished that she would stop mugging for the camera.
Grade: B+

Horse - Recently on TLC's Strange Sex, there was a guy with a 160-pound scrotum. He claimed it was because he felt a sudden pain and then it started swelling and never stopped. This is now what I imagine for Horse. One day a kick is going to go wrong and he'll have a 160-pound scrotum. At least he has kids already. Horse did a superhero theme, which helped with the pants on TV requirement. Several of the hits were actually thigh shots, but luckily the high jump was a perfect hit. The see-saw slammed into his face and he ended up bleeding in the face.
Grade: B

Olate Dogs - Olate has a great combination of talent and one of those "American Dream" storylines. The dogs were adorable and even with minor mistakes, are you going to fault the dogs? I can't jump a hurdle. The slide was a bit silly until the end with the adorable backwards slide. It was a genius way to end the show.
Grade: A

In the end, I've only eliminated three acts: All That!, Eric & Olivia, and Ulysses. All the other acts have shots of making it into the top three depending on how America votes. Does Unity in Motion have a whole ton of friends that could get them votes? Is there a large Mexican voting sect that I've never seen before? We'll find out.

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Joe Castillo stole his act. there was a beautful lady that won ukraines got talent in 2009. see her performance on youtube and his act is the same.


When I watch the acts, I try to imagine if they will sustain a Vegas Act for the hour or 90 minutes time length. I think Joe Castillo's act is so captivating that the time would just fly by! I hope he wins it all! He gets all of my votes!


My two favorites were The Olathe Dogs and contrary to what you came up with, I liked Eric and Olivia. I like the idea of a dog show, it’s a classic idea and fun to watch. I think that Eric and Olivia have a lot of potential and I think both acts will improve in time. I enjoy watching this show thanks to the suggestion of a Dish coworker. What I really love is the fact that I don’t have to set up any timers on my Hopper nor do I have to be home. With the Prime Time Anytime feature, all shows on major networks during prime time, are recorded automatically, it’s so convenient and I never miss any of my favorite shows!


I could see this night coming for awhile as not one but TWO of the straight-through acts were performing. That said, my choices after watching are Harp, Sand, Dogs, and Unity--with Diddleman being brought back by Howie as a wildcard (I'm sure that DOND homage really impressed him). Cannonball is not an indoor vegasy event (and really has nowhere to progress), Sebstian (mariachi) is too young, and Lindsey, although great dancer is just a single dancer vs a troupe in Unity. We'll soon see...


On such a huge night, I agree that Ulysses will probably be going home. I couldn't believe the judges though. He was better than All Beef Patty by a lot, and yet they acted like he didn't even deserve to be on the show. Judge comments like, "Think of all the other acts that could have gone through" just make my skin crawl. First, he deserves to be there. Second, who made that decision? What was he supposed to do, decline the opportunity? Just unprofessional and very hurtful to someone who put it all out there for such a huge audience. I wish he would get voted back, just to prove them wrong.


I'm sorry, but I am amazed that Ulysses got tossed while the judges are so high on acts like a guy getting shot out of a cannon. And what's the fascination with people getting killed that do cannon acts? Is that what AGT wants? Pretty bizarre standards folks.


Last night was truly the best acts of the season. It's a shame that they had to compete against each other for the last four slots. The previous acts had weaker groups in them. It's too bad only four can advance to the Finals. I would like to see William Close, Joe Castillo, Eric Dittelman and Unity in Motion to advance to the next round.


I think you can safely eliminate Horse and Dave "the Bullet" too. Horse is definitely not a million dollar act, and the Bullet doesn't really step it up each week. He's peaked. While Lindsey is certainly talented, I find her act boring and really think she belongs in the floor routine in the olympics, not in Vegas. If they do a wild card this season, I hope they pick most of the talent from last night's show.