Alexis Bellino: Slammed By Heather Dubrow, Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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Alexis Bellino has taken a serious beating on The Real Housewives of Orange County this season, leading her to wonder whether it will be her last.

On last week's Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, the women all ganged up on Bellino for her antics and treatment of the show's crew.

"I've never seen anybody treat a [TV] crew the way you treat this crew," co-star and former actress Heather Dubrow said as Andy Cohen moderated.

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"You speak to them like trash and they are beneath you ... take a moment to look inside yourself. If everyone says you're dead, it's time to lie down!"

Ouch. Don't expect the bad blood to simmer down either.

Dubrow added at an event later in the week that "at some point you have to know when to shut the door ... and I think I've shut that door."

For her part, Bellino said that "[Vicki] and I are still in a lot of contact" since the season ended, but "the other girls and I ... we're not talking."

The Vicki Gunvalson-Tamra Barney feud has nothing on the group's collective assault on Bellino, with "Phony-Gate" dominating the season.

As such, Bellino claimed she's mulling whether to return. "I don't know at this point," she said of coming back for RHOC's Season 8 next year.

"Honestly, I think I've taken a pretty good beating and I don't know."

What do you think? Do you want to see Alexis Bellino back?


I have watched this show from the beginning. I thought the only one that was smart, or maybe had any money was Vicki. But now, my opionion has changed, she had a great man in Don. He seemed to give her all the freedom she wanted. I think she is obviously jealous of Tamra and Gretchen new found friendship. Tamra is just completely in another world, she should be focusing on her kids and not getting remarried for the 3rd time. Gretchen is just plain stupid for having Slade in her life. Alexis, well she is just so over the top in love with herself it's pathetic. Heather, is just a hoity toity actress wanna be, trying to revamp herself on this show. It's entertaining, I watch it every far as Alexis leaving, everyone is replaceable, and I'm sure they will find yet another wack job in the OC!


where is the evidence that alexis treated the crew like trash?? I don't get it and have never seen it on the show....and its two trashpots calling the kettle black from what I see. Heather is like a 5 year old if you really look at her behaviour (like a Tamra junior).


Thewhloe show needs to go. You are just as phony as the rest.


Vicki has lost all sense of reality, Tamra needs to grow up and act like an adult, Alexis-who cares,
Gretchen; so obvious that she just uses the show to help her career--don't understand that hookup with opportunist/LOSER Slade,
and Heather; smartest opportunist of them all and quite the actress!!


This entire show is old news. Same people, new fights. Vicki has shown herself to be an airhead, desperate, aging woman who defends a known womanizer with no job who owes child support an
has left his children without a father. Tamra is an amoral bully with a vile mouth. Alexis is so vain
and self involved she is intolerable.
In my opinion, this branch of Housewives needs to be dumped.


yes I think you should come back..


Yes, I would like to see Alexis on the new season. I have a lot of respect for her loyalty to her friends and husband.
I would also like to see her continue her TV career.
Please don't let the other housewives make you leave Alexis.
I think Tamera is very jealous of you. You are beautiful and younger than her, and her beauty is fading, I think she has a problem with that.
Hang in there girl and keep your job!!!!
love ya, bev


After a long day I like to watch these silly old girls make fools of themselves. They are so full of crap and plastic that it is a scream. Guess the implants and botox really does cause damage. The only bigger clowns are the NJ Housewives and their boss Andy something. Oh my!


What a bunch of totally useless women. Why put this trash on TV. I guess this is what the world has come to because of the garbage which the wonderfully intelligent television producers generate and broadcast to all the unintelligent proletariat which makes up society as a whole.

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