Alexis Bellino: Slammed By Heather Dubrow, Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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Alexis Bellino has taken a serious beating on The Real Housewives of Orange County this season, leading her to wonder whether it will be her last.

On last week's Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, the women all ganged up on Bellino for her antics and treatment of the show's crew.

"I've never seen anybody treat a [TV] crew the way you treat this crew," co-star and former actress Heather Dubrow said as Andy Cohen moderated.

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"You speak to them like trash and they are beneath you ... take a moment to look inside yourself. If everyone says you're dead, it's time to lie down!"

Ouch. Don't expect the bad blood to simmer down either.

Dubrow added at an event later in the week that "at some point you have to know when to shut the door ... and I think I've shut that door."

For her part, Bellino said that "[Vicki] and I are still in a lot of contact" since the season ended, but "the other girls and I ... we're not talking."

The Vicki Gunvalson-Tamra Barney feud has nothing on the group's collective assault on Bellino, with "Phony-Gate" dominating the season.

As such, Bellino claimed she's mulling whether to return. "I don't know at this point," she said of coming back for RHOC's Season 8 next year.

"Honestly, I think I've taken a pretty good beating and I don't know."

What do you think? Do you want to see Alexis Bellino back?


I totally agree with you Michelle. Alexis is drop dead gorgeous and the other women are old hags. If she left, I wouldn't watch the show anymore. It's so stupid when they say she is phony and superficial. They are. It's California. Everyone is obsessed with how they look and how much they have. So what. Heather is the worst because number one, she is very plain and number two is the worst offender for flaunting her husbands money. Didn't she think using the helicopter to go shopping looked stupid or that classless monogram on her floor or the cake fiasco is in bad taste? I say don't bring her back. She added nothing exciting to the mix. What actress???


I think Tamra, Gretchen and Heather are aging mean girls. They pick on Alexis because she gets flustered and a little tongue tied when they attack her. As for Brooks, he might be an opportunist but that is for Vicki to find out. She is not stupid and will figure it out for herself. Heather's husband is so whipped it's pathetic. Gretchen is the stupid one for being with Slade. He is so slimy. And Tamra is the worst of all of them. d Eddie She is evil and Eddie is an idiot if he marries her.


Please cancel RHOOC!!! Just stay with RHOBeverly Hills. The ladies on RHO Beverly Hills are way more classy and entertaining. Oh yeah, and they also have actresses who were really actresses and who were not on, 1 show canceled sitcoms! (Sorry Heather, because that is the kind of actress you were)


The other housewives are just jealous of Alexis because she is obviously the best looking one out of the bunch. I would love to see Alexis beat the crap out of Tamra...that would be a great Alexis send off!


It is sad to see the change in dynamics. Women should support each other and not tear down. All the make-up in the world wont heal the hurt if one of them were struck down with an illness or death. The ladies should look deep within and see if all the arguing is worth it. What is really important?


I hate the way those bitter "Btches" gang up on each other. Tamara is the most fake, bitter, has been on the show. Will you ever be happy. I feel sorry for your kids, they have the ugliest housewife for a mother. You are dead inside and poor Eddie is just to stupid to see it. Just buy some rope and hang yourself. Maybe then you'll be happy.


Trying to help alexis is a futile. She makes excuses for everything. Keeps harping on Gretchen for not having her, stop fibbing about your life and get real. that Birthday party for the twins, how much did that fiasco set you back and did it get paid for or was it a "comp?" You are phoney alexis. don't re-up for the show...won't miss you.


No she adds nothing to the show all she talks about is herself.she is very shallow she needed these people to tell her like it is maybe she will get a clue. And she is dumber than a box of rocks... she tries to sound intelligent but stone how she ends up sounding uneducated .


Tamara was rude. Extremely rude. She would not have been so outspoken had she not had Gretchen and Heather on her team. Vicki has lost control and needs to find herself again. Did you catch Tamaras comment about Vicki in Costa Rica? Andy where we're you on that???? Why did you let that one go?
Alexis did not deserve a beating. That was just wrong. I am sure her husband drives her to insecurity. Help her or leave her alone. All the housewives should be embarrassed about last nights show.


OH! and Heather you aren't an actress, because actresses are known, and have real acting jobs, and you don't! So stick with trying to be a good mother, and a controlling wife! You have NO room to talk about Alexis, and what she does, or doesn't have!

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