Alexis Bellino: Slammed By Heather Dubrow, Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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Alexis Bellino has taken a serious beating on The Real Housewives of Orange County this season, leading her to wonder whether it will be her last.

On last week's Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, the women all ganged up on Bellino for her antics and treatment of the show's crew.

"I've never seen anybody treat a [TV] crew the way you treat this crew," co-star and former actress Heather Dubrow said as Andy Cohen moderated.

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"You speak to them like trash and they are beneath you ... take a moment to look inside yourself. If everyone says you're dead, it's time to lie down!"

Ouch. Don't expect the bad blood to simmer down either.

Dubrow added at an event later in the week that "at some point you have to know when to shut the door ... and I think I've shut that door."

For her part, Bellino said that "[Vicki] and I are still in a lot of contact" since the season ended, but "the other girls and I ... we're not talking."

The Vicki Gunvalson-Tamra Barney feud has nothing on the group's collective assault on Bellino, with "Phony-Gate" dominating the season.

As such, Bellino claimed she's mulling whether to return. "I don't know at this point," she said of coming back for RHOC's Season 8 next year.

"Honestly, I think I've taken a pretty good beating and I don't know."

What do you think? Do you want to see Alexis Bellino back?


Alexis - keep your head high and just laugh at their comments - jealousy is a sad disease! Do not even feed them energy cause by getting upset you feed them! If you laugh it off and ignore their remarks - they will stop cause it will be no more fun for them losers!
Why get upset - you have it all! Just feel sorry for the bunch! They are ugly and Tamra and Gretchen are getting uglier every episode - they need to stop with those hair does and the botox, especially Tamra - my god - scary, besides those ratty eyes blinking and her bottom lip, nothing else moves - Zombie in the making!


All the girls except Vicki are jealous of Alexis. Heather, Tamra and Gretchen are spineless bullies. They should call Heather, high brow du brow, who is stuffy and thinks others R beneath her. And her husband needs plastic surgery himself. Bring Geena back and keep Alexis please. I applaud vicki for getting away from Tamra. If you look at each season, Tamra is the instigator in bullying someone.


I want Alexis to stay! Heather her ball less husband and Tamra gotta go or or I wont watch either! Tamra is an ugly old bitter hag! Heather brags about her house and opening a restraunt for fun. Rediculous she can't see that Tamra only likes her because she wants the comission on the land for her new house the one she has is too small she said to tamra looking at a property! Too small? Really? Seriouslu Heather who's the braggert! Tamra will take up with attacking Heather after she gets the comission. Heather is next on tamras shit fit list!


Tamra is a colostomy bag what means a bag of shit.
Vicky is sweet and hard working woman looking for her happiness.
Alexis is pretty and secure about herself reason for others to be jealous of her, don't let anybody to put you down Alexis please.
Gretchen fake blond bitch, two faces and gold digger.
Heather ugly frozen face, no beauty whatsoever, she should work in a boot camp. Is she and actress? nobody knows her, she pretty well unknown, please Heather get lost!!!


I want her to come back Gretchen is jealous of her because she is pretty and Gretchen looks like a Horse. Tamara is clearly jealous with her cat looking ass she wish she was as pretty as Alexis. I will not even comment on Heather becasue she is not even in the running when it comes to her looks she is clearly jealous and she shoule be the one to leave bacause no one would care whe dont know who she is what her name is and could care the hell less...


We will never know what Alexis can bring to the show if she is being berated by these other women and Tamra is at the forefront of it all Please get rid of Tamra OR I'm done and so are many of your loyal OC Fans


I don't know why I watch RHOC my college daughter and son are sometimes catching glimpses of this show when I have it on and cannot understand why I watch such Crude people. It is mesmoriizing to me that people can actually be this cruel and materialistic. One day I hope Tamra sees her self a the absolutely mean .. Cruel.. Cheap.. Person. That she is. No friend should ever speak to a friend like she has. Gretchen almost as extreme. Heather fits right in with the previous. Alexis I AM SO proud of you for not going to their level, inspite of Tamras crude religious bashing. Never ever ever have I seen and heard such evilness.


I almost forgot Dear Heather what kind of person are u to not take your husbands name til now?That is just plain rude. And then throw a party cause u did change your name . You an your husband looks like idiots. And he calls Alexis phony ? Whats he call u?


I can not stand Tamra she has from constantly been on someones ass. She thinks she is all that when she is really an ugly duckling. Tamra is a jealous hateful persin . And heather with her 14,000 square ft home. Now who is flautung. If u did not marry into money u wouldnt be shit. Now u are just shit. Leave Alexis alone u guys are so jealousof her. And the way gretchen and tamra act like they are junior high school girla gretchen waa my favorite but not any more now she acts liks tamra and i hate her. As for eddie he is fake. Looks like he had a mouth full of teeth transplanted and he cant close his mouth. Geez he is ugly


Heather you are rediculous! You are the phony one! The way you told Alexis " when every one tell's you your dead its time to lie down" excuse me? Im sorry you are a hypocrite! Your husband is spineless! You p***y whiped the balls off him! I hope you give your kids the same advice you gave Alexis when they are being bullied! I am sorry if everyone says im dead im gona trust myself to know my
Heart is beatng! I wont lie down just because jelous people tell me too. BTW Heather when regular people go to DMV we dont get to take one pic , saunter back to the counter walking like a muppet and ask to look at the pic and take another! You were snooty that day. I bet your pic came out crappy because you were stuck up! Heather your career was dead before it even started its time to lay down ! Haha bat face bully! Go to acting school and

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