W.i.P. Nightclub to Tony Parker: Chris Brown and Drake Ain't Biggie and Tupac!

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W.i.P. nightclub feels Tony Parker's lawsuit against them is baseless and that there is no way they could have predicted the melee that went down.

NBA star Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit this week, claiming the club is responsible for the Chris Brown-Drake fight in which he was injured.

Parker sustained a scratched retina from shards of glass flying after Brown, Drake, Meek Mill and threw down, requiring eye surgery as a result.

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Chris Brown: Fight Time?

Tony says it's obvious "there was bad blood between Drake and Brown" (allegedly over Rihanna) and that W.i.P. staff should have known better.

Moreover, he says they fueled matters by selling their posses alcohol.

But sources close to the club, which has been shuttered, say Drake and Chris Brown are not prone to violence ... at least not toward other dudes.

The club feels the fight was out of its control, and as for the alleged bad blood, a source said, "Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac."

Parker also suggested that the club was way understaffed, which W.i.P. refutes, saying that 15 security guards were working the night in question.

So far, no charges have been filed related to the brawl, though the club was closed indefinitely and the case is still under investigation by the NYPD.


Sal Strazzulo also has represented the owners for years. This is completely ridiculous. They look like a bunch of ambulance chasers. Its fairly remarkable how Jaroslawicz and Strazzulo are shaking down hip hop. This is just an off handed way to back door suing Chris Brown and Drake.


Except Tony Parker's lawyer David Jaroslawicz who is suing the club for Tony Parker is the owner of the club's lawyer. David Jaroslawicz has represented the owner of Greenhouse in a half a dozen lawsuit all over the city most of which were high profile. Its all the same owner. Tony Parker's lawsuit against WiP and Greenhouse is a sham. He has represented the owners of Emm for years the Gindi's who own Century 21 Dpeartment Stores who have a long history of trouble with security at Century 21 and TenJune. Why isn't Tony Parker suing them?


yeah I can tlotlay bvielee that Kanye would do something like that on his own I guess I'm just thinking about the possibility of it all being a stunt, b/c MTV is pretty notorious for such acts


Wow if it werent for the two dumb asses tony would be just fine, but no they both had to play gangster over a stupid girl. They could have just ended tony parker's career over a bad relationships. tony parker really shouldn't sue the club, he should sue who ever did the damage or just sue the shit out of Drake and Chris because after all it is their fault.


I was in that club's VIP the night that those two fought. Tony
didnt hurt his eye the way he said he did. Tony was in a dark corner on his knees giving his new boyfriend of twenty minutes a little head. Tony was driving his head down on this guy with such force that when he missed a stroke he nearly put his own eye out.
Thats what happened.
Btw those two werent fighting over RiRi they were fighting over a bouncer.


They are black what do you expect?


What a lil girl


Shouldn't he be suing the individual who did that to his eye?


Too bad so this is all about Rihanna right? man you are two fools.I can't beleave this shit you two are grown ass guys

Kellie m

Poor Tony got a widdle boo boo. Suck it up and be a man. Keep this up and you'll have to turn over your Man card. Besides, it isn't a retinal scratch it is a corneal scratch or abrasion. I can see why Eva Longoria left his azz....he is a big azz baby and needs his diaper changed. smh!

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