W.i.P. Nightclub Shut Down After Chris Brown Brawl

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The nightclub where Chris Brown and Drake threw down has been shut down.

Both W.i.P. and Greenhouse nightclubs - located in the same building and jointly owned in Manhattan - were shuttered on Saturday night by the NYPD.

Is the epic fight that went down between the music stars' camps to blame?

Yes, but indirectly. Previous violations had been reported before the nightclub fight, and police looking into the brawl may have uncovered even more.

Drake and Chris

Details are scarce, but police say it was “closed as a result of several violations in a stipulation agreement made by the owners and the N.Y.P.D.”

Jonathan Cantor, the club's manager, was taken into custody by police on two outstanding warrants stemming from noise complaints at the hot spot.

In case you somehow missed it, Chris Brown and Drake were allegedly involved in a brutal bar brawl early Thursday morning that injured many.

Drake has maintained his innocence in the matter and has denied any participation in the violent altercation. Brown has since contacted the police.

A rep for W.i.P. and Greenhouse tells E! News that "the venues are temporarily, not permanently, closed." Temporarily for awhile, it sounds like.

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Chris Brown-Drake Bar Fight Aftermath

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Sounds like the club was shut down due to rodent infestation and animal control violations.


I think if we're not actually part of either party & wasn there then, its hard 2 determine whom 2 side with...


Idk i dont think we should judge them everyone is looking on the outside what about the inside. I am pretty sure both, Drake,and Chris brown are realky nice guys. With me being young very young we make dumbass mistakes that we will regret. And sometimes we dont even no the story we are hust reading what someone typed up whitch can be a lie in some words


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