Willow Smith Pierces Tongue: First Look!

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Willow Smith has left her hair alone, but still changed up her look once again.

The young daughter of Will and Jada has changed her locks back to their original color - after going green and then pink - but also taken yet another extreme step in her ever-changing appearance.

She has pierced her tongue:

Willow Smith with a Tongue Piercing

In the state of California a child needs the approval of his/her parents to make such a move. So either Will and Jada or on board or Willow has gone rogue.

What do you think of the piercing?

UPDATE: Willow has taken to Twitter and admitted the piercing is actually fake.

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its fake why do u hav this on do the research


Willow is a very sweet girl but she needs to be a little girl and stop racing for adult hood. By the time blinks she'll be old enough to do whatever she wants but should focus on being a child for now. Love you willow!!!!!


if her parents dont care . then thats between her and her family no one else


she need to calm down, shes going to fast i cant keep up, if she behave like that i wonder how she will be when she reach 20


Dang- that is one fugly kid.


Y'all need to sit down... cause y'all not sure if that's real... on Instagram it says its FAKE. So y'all can't judge little kids of how they want to look with permission. Y'all need to worry about yourself and ya own kids... willow smith has ONE mother and ONE father.


This girl is doing to much. I mean seriously she thinks she's grown.I thought she was a boy.


I think it's 2 much! She''s jus being a follower. But kid go thru that stage so let a kid b a kid!!!


Hi,I am gay.Age17.I think she might be gay in all do respect to her.I do not want to out her,but radar.


Shes too young.Hey she is a kid stop the personal attacks you all are being bullies.