Amber Portwood Rehab, Jail Sentencing to Play Out on Teen Mom Season 4?

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With Amber Portwood sentenced to five years in prison after violating probation for a drug arrest last year, the new season of Teen Mom takes on a dark tone.

It's no secret Portwood has struggled with rage issues (the drug arrest was not her first legal run-in by a long shot), as well as addiction and depression.

She tackles all of these issues head-on in the final season of Teen Mom, beginning next Tuesday on MTV and chronicling her downward spiral in detail.

The new season begins with Portwood and off-and-on fiance Gary Shirley trying to stay together despite a no contact order which they repeatedly violate.

Portwood has to leave for (court-ordered) rehab to treat anger and pill problems, and it's very evident that she could use someone sympathetic to talk to.

She does not find that at Gary's house. Amber chugs a few glasses of wine and EXPLODES at him over their relationship and the future of their daughter.

In another episode, we will see part of Amber Portwood's journey in therapy as she reveals some very personal secrets and seems to truly be making strides.

She seems hopeful, even, which makes it even sadder knowing that she will later quit on rehab and ask the judge to send her to prison to save her life.

It's unclear how much of the most recent drama was filmed by MTV, but the final season of the hit show is almost guaranteed to end on a somber note.


amber is getting in trouble and i think she is doing her best ryan needs to grow up and try hearing maci out catelynn is doing her best without Carly farrah is doing really well trying to get her bacholers degree


My heart goes out to Ms. Amber Portwood. I myself have way back in the day had issues with alcohol and drugs...It's really tough to have to deal with those issues with the public watching your every move! But we are really appreciative of the fact that she had the guts to share her situation with us. I'm sure plenty of people benefited and learned from her situation. It is nice to have a show about being a teen mom; but, I think it would be better if we had a show or two about not being a teen mom in the first place. Then just maybe there would not be as much need for one on being a teen mom...I wish Miss Portwood much success in dealing with her drug and alcohol problems. As well as much success in her pursuit of a television career... Sincerely, Martin Carroll, Jr.

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