What Did Kim Kardashian Gift Kanye West for His Birthday?

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Considering the gift Kim Kardashian bestowed upon Kanye West for his 35th birthday, following three mere months of dating, imagine what this reality star would purchase for the rapper if they did actually get married...

Indeed, multiple sources confirm that Kardashian purchased for her man a black Aventador LP700-4 Lamborghini. The price tag on this slick sports car? $750,000.

We'd be impressed - and nauseated - by Kim's ability to easily afford such a gift, but come on. She doesn't actually pay for anything. She just receives items for free after sending out a few Tweets and Facebook messages.

Aventador LP700-4 Lamborghini

"Thanks to all my fans," Kanye wrote this week in response to many well wishes. "I am tweeting under the stage while Jay is rapping in Dublin on my birthday. You guys make all my dreams possible."

We wonder where pretending to date a woman best known for making a sex tape with Ray J fits into those dreams.

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In this instance, an EXPENSIVE-ASS vehicle is not a birthday present. To me, it's more like a PARTING GIFT (from Kim to Kanye) for whenever that brainless bubblehead Kim decides to dump that chocolate THUG Kanye. LOL!!!!! Peace.


Poor kim, dont you realize he'll still dump you like your previous boyfriends did. Just try to be like khloe.


so wonderful kim, madly in love...lol! poor kim


The way this world is these days is quite depressing in my opinion. The rich are getting richer and throwing it all away...and the poor have to suffer in poverty riddin countries. A 750k car is not a smart investment an quite franky it comes off really desperate....just saying.


lol kim please, giving a laborghini and getting married to kanye is not gonna asure your future with fame and money.. kanye is gonna hit it and quit it honey.. ur known as a tramp.. and forsure kanye is not going to want you as his baby momma knowing u made a sex tape ^-^


This is how a no talent tramp gets in the news. She really is becoming desperate.LOL!


I guess it comes from the 5millions she made from the sex tape in which Ray j pissed on her. Way to go, you can have that car! It comes at a price that most real men would not go for. Mb


I think HER HUSBAND owns half that car.


@Flo Ahhhhhh...but we American peons LOVE to live through the decadent lives of celebrities...don't we? I mean, isn't that what keeps these celebrity reality TV shows fueled??? It's funny. Many of these celebs are in that 1% but the 'Bama Man's liberal machine doesn't accuse them of being "outta touch" now do they! Nope. And they are always good for a campaign hand-out! Uh-huh, I think I see clearly now! Ha!


Maybe this gift was a "down payment" for another 2 million dollar engagement ring she might be expecting!! Who knows? She may have to shell out for her own nuptial bling-bling this time around! If so, at least she won't be violating wedding etiquette by wanting to keep the rings once the marriage goes "ka-putz"!

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