Wendy Williams to Bethenny Frankel: Zip It!

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Bethenny Frankel kicked off her career as a talk show host by rambling on about her marriage, slamming the media for divorce rumors she clearly planted herself.

Depressingly, however, the results have been encouraging, as ratings for Bethenny were strong after one week on the air.

But Wendy Williams, who has somehow filmed over 500 episodes of her talk show, told Celebuzz that her new rival better be careful with what she says on air.

"She should keep her private life private," Williams warned, lest she "hurt her loved ones."

Those sound like fighting words! Let's join in, THGers! Which talk show host do you like best?

And the Winner is?

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boy thats a fixed result ..lmao are ya'll kiddin ???????????


Why did this turn into a black/white thing? Stupid that a simple question about personal preference turned to race...
I prefer Bethenny. I find her funny and think her honesty is refreshing.


Can't stand WW. She reminds me of a man.
BF talks too much about herself, is too loud, talks so fast at times you can't understand her at times and she talks over people. Having her hubby in the audience and is shown in the audience shots so much is creepy.


wendy is fun just needs to do away with ask wendy segment and get bigger stars like janet jackson,jen aninston, tom c,and have more music guest who will sing.


Watched the bra show. She is very annoying. Even when she's got some good information, she ruins it with her "look at me I'm funny" delivery. Thumbs down.


I love Bethenny's openness, shows how "real" she really is! more people can relate to her.


WTF is goin' on with
Bethany Skelator s neck?
Gross ! !


Bethenny Rocks!!!

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