Wendy Williams to Bethenny Frankel: Zip It!

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Bethenny Frankel kicked off her career as a talk show host by rambling on about her marriage, slamming the media for divorce rumors she clearly planted herself.

Depressingly, however, the results have been encouraging, as ratings for Bethenny were strong after one week on the air.

But Wendy Williams, who has somehow filmed over 500 episodes of her talk show, told Celebuzz that her new rival better be careful with what she says on air.

"She should keep her private life private," Williams warned, lest she "hurt her loved ones."

Those sound like fighting words! Let's join in, THGers! Which talk show host do you like best?

And the Winner is?

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Bethanny is amazing! Love how real she is! You get what you see & see what you get. Can't wait for her show to come to my area! WWilliams is a man. She's obviously jealous & obnoxious in every way possible. Oh and whoever said it's about race - you're correct. It's a race to #1 & Bethanny is going to beat WW hands down. She will hit it big when she goes nationwide. How Wendy has stayed on the air boggles my mind. She's awful & I can't listen or even look at that drag queen.


Where are the Latinas on daytime TV? I'm so sick of these networks only promoting certain groups. As far as Bethenny, she needs to go. I admire her business sense but the bottom line is she just got lucky by being on these different realty tv shows. I listened to her show for about 2 minutes & it was just so scripted. I guess when you're so greedy you'll do anything for $$. You'll dance for chicken any which way you're told to do so. I'm not a far of hers. If people want or need real advise from someone with much more life experience, send me your info @ patricianyc@gmail.com.


Bethenny go home and be a mother to that sweet little girl that is growing up with out her mummie.....these yrs go by so fast...you don't need the money...share yourself with your daugher and leave the talk shows to the proffessionals. Love,Love Love Wendy....you rock girl!!!


I love bethanny and think anything she takes on she turns into a success. People are just jealous. I'll watch her show every day. I find her honesty amazing! You will be the female daytime Johnny Carson. Beloved and unbeatable!


Bring your assistant, I mean husband to work day everyday for Bethenny. LOL


SinceMariah got boob job thinned her nose and redone her checks she looks like wendy lol


I'm not a huge fan of either show. I'd like to see any of these talk shows actually deliver information instead of just rambling and ranting and being exhibitionist. I think Bethenny's show could be great if she would train herself to concentrate and stay on topic for a few seconds at a time. She's so all over the place. Wendy Williams is as cool as a girl gets and I would love to be able to watch her show but her loudness, brashness and uninteresting guests just turn me off. Wendy, you're the real deal - why not turn down the volume and turn up the content?


I love Bethany she is a real person and is not fake. What you see is what you get.


When does Bethany's talk show come on and what chanel is it on?


I quit watching ww long ago,I don't have the time of day or patience for her to get a frigging story out. She babbles way too much! Bethany is like Jane Velez Too Loud to want to listen to even with the volume turned down!!

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