Vladimira Brace Blames Drake For Inciting Nightclub Brawl, Threatens Lawsuit

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Drake is solely to blame for inflaming the violent NYC club melee that injured innocent people, according to model Vladimira Brace, one of those allegedly hurt.

Brace claims she suffered a spinal injury when she was trampled in the mob scene that ensued inside the now-shut down W.i.P. nightclub in Manhattan.

Brace's attorney has threatened him with a lawsuit, writing Drake's reps that point blank, "Your client instigated a brawl with Mr. Chris Brown" on June 13.

"[Drake's] actions were negligent in inflaming a violent mob," the letter adds.


"My client personally observed several members of [Drake's] entourage throwing bottles of champagne with reckless and criminal disregard."

The attorney also cites Drake's "well documented history of vulgar, abusive and profane remarks concerning women," which his camp denies.

People close to the Canadian rapper claim that he didn't instigate anything, and was there with a couple of security guys and that's it. No entourage.

They say both Chris Brown and Meek Mill were with large posses, but not Drake. As for D's alleged abuse of women, they find that claim absurd for two reasons:

  1. It's not true.
  2. Chris Brown.

At least three other women - and NBA star Tony Parker and Chris' bodyguard Big Pat - have also claimed they were injured in the Chris Brown-Drake fight.

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Omg over rihanna,really?! It just makes me so angry how two 'grown' men could let issues get this bad! If drake or cb gets sued it probably wont matter to either of them! They got money! But its stupid to get in that much trouble over a girl! She's not worth them, thier time, or money! she's On to the next one as we speak.. and chris is in a relationship and drake can get almost every women in the world! So i dont like how hollywood gossip always got "SOURCES" saying they gettin back together.. to "SOURCES": STFU! I dont like rihanna but chris and drake are both in "the best" group. Even if their fans disagree...


Drake and Cris, two words "GROWN UP", you should never even entertained fighting over a Jezebel, who is laughting in both of your faces as we speak,her heart is corrupted and she loves the ideal that it is her, move on with your life and find a lady that respect you for you, now this stuff has gotten out of hand and the media's is eating it up, making you both looked like fools, it come a time when you got to put aways foolish things and be real man, God blessed you two , I will be praying for you, you two need a transformation in your life, you need Jesus before you destroy yourself and go to hell, its not worth it, Peace.


They are little boys who are out of control and need to be disciplined.You hit their pockets hard enough they will sit their azzez down somewhere.Acting like "Wild azz Animals" take yall azzez where it's legal to be "Wild and uncivialized"! In the damn "Jungle" with real "lions and Tigers! Drake and Chris are both stupid,they have been blessed with fame and just acting like fool. Sad,Sad,Sad!


That's the problem they aren't men, they are little boys with too much money. I hope they all get sued. Serve them right for acting the way they did.


let em be


Three of 'em,breezy,meek mill and Drake should be taken to court,for abusin and damaging of properties in the club.


Just kind of wondering what a club fight has to do with abusing women? LOL! This is just dumb. On to the next one.

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