Virginia Welch to Play Casey Anthony in Lifetime Movie; Holly DeVeaux Replaced

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Casey Anthony's getting a new look on Lifetime.

A week into the filming of the network's movie Imperfect Justice, the role of the woman acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter has been re-cast.

Holly DeVeaux has dropped out of the project and has been replaced by Virginia Welch, whose resume includes several independent films and commercials.

Welch and Anthony

According to a source close to the production, the decision for Holly DeVeaux to leave the production was mutual as both sides felt it wasn't right.

"Holly moved on; they recast the role," says a source close to the upcoming production. "This is one of those decisions that happens all the time."

"Holly was good and very talented; it just didn't work."

Think Welch (above), will make a better Casey Anthony than DeVeaux (below)? We'll have to wait and see, but the physical resemblance is there.

Holly and Casey

Casting also includes The Office's Oscar Nunez as defense attorney Jose Baez. Kevin Dunn and Marina Stephenson Kerr will play Anthony's parents.

Rob Lowe will play prosecutor Jeff Ashton. "It's flattering," Ashton recently joked. "They clearly weren't going for someone who looks exactly like me."


Okay Fairbrit. You have to be the stupiest person out there baez was her laywer so of course hes going to make her look not guilty but she was. She is the reason that little girl doesnt get to see another, doesnt get to grow up and see the world. Her father knew that the car was there because he got a notice from the towing company, fucking idiot! Theres no possibly way that he had any part in her death because the police had records of where he was at during the time of the 31 days caylee was missing. Casey anthony should be sitting in a prison cell with no possible way of getting out because she murdered her daughter! All the evidence is right there and the jury and you sir are complete idiots.


Will this movie depict her as innocent or guilty?


Before I read Baez's book I too thought Casey killed Caylee. But honestly, I don't believe that now. George Anthony was involved in Caylee's death and he dumped her body. If you are going to be angry, be mad at the police. They did not do their job. They did not check out George at all. How did George know Casey's car was left at Amscot for 3 days?? Even the tow yard did not know that fact. NONE of this was checked out by the police. Casey mentioned George's incest to two previous friends BEFORE Caylee went flags should have gone up long ago by the police. Why did they carry out paternity tests for George and Lee??


Jennifer Love Hewitt should've played her!!!!


i think they should NOT make this movie!!! and we all know that she will make money off this movie!!!!!! so sick!!


Yea we all know that shes a liar AND SO DOES CASEY!!! She may have gotten away with murder on this earth but A GREATER JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING where she WILL stand and be held accountable before JESUS for what she done to that precious child for the innocent life she took.The SAD SAD SAD part about it is if she does not repent in HELL she will one day lift her eyes and i believe every day that passes her by she will see that sweet baby girls face it will haunt for eternity. THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE NEED TO PRAY FOR THE SALVATION OF THIS WOMEN NO ONE DESERVES TO BURN IN HELL!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE DONE GOD STILL FORGIVES EVEN THE ONES WHO KILL PRECIOUS LITTLE BABYS shes lost


Yeah, she's a liar too!


This is where a lie detector test should be ALLOWED in court... Casey Anthony is a LIER!!!!!!!