Vicki Gunvalson-Tamra Barney Feud to Carry Over on Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion

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They're no strangers to drama, but the war of words that erupted between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney on The Real Housewives of Orange County season finale this week was extreme even by their standards.

What's more, it apparently continues on the upcoming reunion show.

"Vicki insinuated that I cheated on my ex-husband, Simon, with [my current fiancé Eddie Judge]," Tamra revealed after Tuesday's fireworks. "That was just way out of line. Out of anybody in the world, for her to say that, was just totally below the belt."

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Tamra and Vicki's feuding began on the June 26 finale, and when the pair reunited six months later to film the reunion show, things only got worse.

What's changed? "It all comes down to Brooks [Ayers]," Tamra says, blaming Vicki's new man for brainwashing her former BFF. "

"He's changed her so much, I just don't know if she's the same Vicki."

All season long, Tamra questioned Brooks' motives. The reason?

"He's obsessed with the show; I think he's obsessed with being famous," says Tamra, who says Vicki is in denial. "I don't want to see her getting taken advantage of, but she doesn't want to hear anything anybody says, so my hands are tied."

"Right now I am extremely angry with her. I'm broken up with her."

The fight breaks out during part one of the reunion, which airs July 10 at 9 p.m. Tell us: Whose side are you on in the RHOC feud?


Cont.; no other reason than you have decided they aren't smart enough, or it's ok to attack someone for their faith. Calling some one Jesus Barbie ect. Id wear that title proudly! But most OC women would love to be Barbie so now its J Jugs. She got hers removed so everyone else is wrong according to her? It will never be ok to be mean! No matter our age!
Did anyone else catch how Tamera said at the start of this season how she was tired spending all her time online digging up stuff on Slade and Gretchen? That is why she said she wanted to just get along. She has no secret people telling her crap. She just runs her mouth even if it's wrong. We've not once seen Alexis attack and or say horrible things about any cast mates unless trying to defend herself yet again from this horrible person. So now it's people we don't see that she's saying Alexis is mean to? I don't believe a hateful thing that comes out of Tameras mouth or her fame hungry puppet Heather.


team Tamara all the way. Vicki your such a mess I can't even begin, thanks to Brooks. You pick him over your own flesh and blood, wow lust and loniless can do quite a number on older single women. and no I dont think how you reacted screeching was classy in anyway....


Retire gets old seeing her accuse everyone else but as soon as someone confronts her she flips her switch..she can dish it but she can't take it...and why in the world does anyone even let Brook talk...the crap that comes out of that mans mouth...oh my goodness!


They need to get Brooks off the show period, and if that means VG has to go big deal... bring back Jeana, or Laurie


Didn't Brianna pretty much say Vicki was cheating on Donn with Brooks for a WHILE?? And Vicki, when you were screaming.. your BOTOXED face looked like it was going to burst at the seams... you looked like a 70 yr old woman...scary...


I watch this show sometimes with my wife! Heather and Tamra are painful to watch! I feel sorry for them! And Sarah needs to quit her victum mentality! Gretchen - stay clear of your 2 "friends" - you seems like you are a ligit nice person - do not get into the drama and sad/mean world of those 2. Stay above it all and stay real. Alexis, you are classy, smart and real - do not let the bully's get you down! Vicky - be smart!


Vicky's boyfriend gives me the creeps too. But she is an adult, she is warned - she is aware - LET HER LIVE HER LIVE, maybe it will work, maybe she will get hurt but she will get stronger and wiser from the experience! And who is that Tamra girl to keep harassing everybody and poking her nose into everybodies business! Mind your own business!!!! You and Heather both have a weerd frozen face and zombie eyes! Look at yourself before judging others!


Yip, Vicky should have given Tamra a fat lip, maybe it would move then. She is definately a case of Botox gone wrong - Her upperlip is frozen - her face is frozen - the only thing that works in her face are her evil eyes......brrrrr - she gives me the chills. But eventhough her face does not move - she is still able to yap about other people's life that should not be her concern at all! Look at your own life - woman! Money hungry, filty mouth and trashy manners, husband cheater, pimping your own sun.......waw girl! Run Fiancee - RUN!


This is my first experience with a true con-man - Although I have seen the aftermath with one dear friend - it is quite apparent that miss vicki is a bit of a control freak and she is seriously losing the battle - He is very good as he really has her in his grips - she has had some cruel comments to her so called friend tamra expecially when tamra had her implants removed she stated "who would want little tittys" - she is getting fat and it shows in her breasts but, Brooks likes them big and ugly - she is the most unattractive woman and good luck to him and her money - he can always put a bog over her head - her jealously is sadly apparent and jealousy can really destroy -


Vicki handled Tamra with class - she spoke with the trouble making bitch Tamra in the other room - unlike that plastic botox queen Heather and her faggy husband Miss Terry, who had to put on a show by fighting with Sarah in front of everyone. I was hoping that Vicki would have given Tamra a fat lip. Tamra really earned a good slap across the face. Tamra is just disgusting and can't tell the truth. Every time Tamra starts up with someone she turns it all around then starts her crying and shaking act - what a piece of shit she is.

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