Vicki Gunvalson-Tamra Barney Feud to Carry Over on Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion

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They're no strangers to drama, but the war of words that erupted between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney on The Real Housewives of Orange County season finale this week was extreme even by their standards.

What's more, it apparently continues on the upcoming reunion show.

"Vicki insinuated that I cheated on my ex-husband, Simon, with [my current fiancé Eddie Judge]," Tamra revealed after Tuesday's fireworks. "That was just way out of line. Out of anybody in the world, for her to say that, was just totally below the belt."

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Tamra and Vicki's feuding began on the June 26 finale, and when the pair reunited six months later to film the reunion show, things only got worse.

What's changed? "It all comes down to Brooks [Ayers]," Tamra says, blaming Vicki's new man for brainwashing her former BFF. "

"He's changed her so much, I just don't know if she's the same Vicki."

All season long, Tamra questioned Brooks' motives. The reason?

"He's obsessed with the show; I think he's obsessed with being famous," says Tamra, who says Vicki is in denial. "I don't want to see her getting taken advantage of, but she doesn't want to hear anything anybody says, so my hands are tied."

"Right now I am extremely angry with her. I'm broken up with her."

The fight breaks out during part one of the reunion, which airs July 10 at 9 p.m. Tell us: Whose side are you on in the RHOC feud?


OMG, Vicki is not only very unattractive in all ways, but stupid as well. I get that she's desperate to have a man, but to give up Donn and settle for this smarmy con man Brooks shows me she's not nearly as smart and worldly as she thinks she is. She has always been jealous of everyone on the show and she should be :-). I think it's time for Bravo to retire that old bag and for sure never allow Brooks on any more shows. Hopefully, he'll go to jail.


I'm not a fan of any of these women..but why does Tamra or Heather have to like Alexis? The word "bully" is being thrown around way too much. a couple of seasons ao it was Alexis doing the same thing to Vicki..Funny Alexis didn't consider that bullying. Vicki has criticized Gretchen's relationship with Slade and Tamra's "marriage' with why is she upset because others are talking about Brooks? Which btw everything they are saying seems to be true...His son's mother 20/20 interview pretty much confirms that.


As far as I am concerned pertaining to Alexis."You just can't fix STUPID"!!!!!!! And she is a back stabbing, pretentious BIATCH!!!


I'm no fan of either of these women Vickie is a idioit and Tamra is a mean girl in a bad way both women have something we don't know why would Vickie say anything about Eddie when Tamra was married as far as we know he was never in the picture and why can't Stupid Vickie pick up a guy if she wants everyone's picking on her for getting her love tank full what's wrong with that? i think she wants what every women wants a MAN! or a companion leave her alone.


Breanna and Tamra were right! Brooks is a disgusting deadbeat dad user! If Vicki wasn't buying him, he'd be out the door on her too!
I thought it was very sad tonight to see his 4 year old son who doesn't even know him! What kind of a loser is he telling his baby mama he had a vasectomy? Low life liar! I knew it, I can read people well! Vicki was way TOO anxious to get her love tank filled up.....but ewwww, I wouldn't want that guy coming at me in the dark. This is supposed to be "Real" housewives not Desperate Housewives!!


Poor Vicki. She is so lonely and on the verge of a nervous breakdown,but Tamara has z lot of shjt thrown at her but does take up for herself. Brooks is a smooth chzracter but not quite smooth enough to get over these girls


Tamera is a disgusting bully! She has no heart. Her and Eddie won't last


My local news had a story tonight about Brooks. His ex-girlfriend and baby mama to his 4 yr old son told how he hasn't seen his son since he was 5 months old and he's a dead beat dad; just up and left without looking back; told the woman he had a vasectomy so didn't use protection or birth control. He even gave a radio interview where he said he had three children from his marriage and "one extra child"; imagine calling your own son an extra child! And Vickie cheated on Don with this loser? And who gives a fur coat as a gift to someone they love in a garment bag? Are you kidding me?? And she called Sloan all kinds of names???


What's Vicki's reaction now that Brooks has been outed on 20/20? Tamra and Briana were right all along. Vicki has caused riffs in her relationships because of a con man.


You have got to be kidding. Vicky is a beast and Brooks is a con-man. They will both get what they deserve. Vicky will have no relationship with her kids and Brooks will go on to his next victim...skanks, both of them!

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