Vanessa Lachey Bikini Photo: Pregnant, Stunning!

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Vanessa Lachey prompted her Twitter fans to play a game with her that involved posting photos of their baby bumps, but they'll have a hard time matching hers.

"Show me your bump and I'll show you mine!" wrote the former Vanessa Minnillo, who recently married Nick Lachey after several years of dating.

"Let's embrace our changing bodies!… Let's get creative!"

After receiving and responding to multiple posts by fans, it was Lachey's turn to post a photo, and it's one of the best bikini photos we've seen in awhile:

Vanessa Minnillo Pregnant Bikini Photo

"Thanks for sharing all your Beautiful baby bumps & embracing your bodies! As promised, here's one @NickSLachey took," Vanessa tweeted.

Nick Lachey? A lucky man. He's got great photography instincts!

The photo, a beautiful silhouette of Vanessa laying in a shallow infinity pool while wearing a bikini that perfectly flaunts her baby bump, is hot.

Plain and simple, especially with the sunset. Gorgeous work.

This is how you do pregnancy. Nick's flames sure do know how to make a splash with it. Remember the Jessica Simpson nude Elle cover?


I just hope this baby doesn't look anything like the oversized ugly baby of Jessica Simpsons!!!


I want to have sex with u vanessa


Hey Cobra you're an asshole. I know plenty of moms to to be that do and have showed off their baby bumps and shared the progress of their pregnancy. My guess is you have a problem with it because no one is desperate enough to procreate with your sorry ass and if they have they probably regret it


Just have your freak baby in private, the way the rest of the world does, and don't celebrate your baby bump no one cares about.


Not a fan of these two. But a great photo!


Nice photo.

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