U.S. Soccer Team Snubs Troops, Apologizes

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The U.S. soccer team is facing considerable backlash for snubbing American troops in Guatemala Monday, but claims it was all a misunderstanding.

Team America flew in for a World Cup qualifying match, where troops gathered on the tarmac and cheer them on to victory in Central America.

When the guys got off the plane, they walked right to the waiting bus and peaced out, though, without even an acknowledgement or thank you.

Some of the troops were understandably insulted.

US Soccer Team Snubs Troops

Some soldiers' friends and family took to Facebook to express their disgust. Among the many choice comments posted after the perceived slight:

"What a disgrace that a team that wears American colors can't take five minutes to acknowledge the soldiers that fight for what those colors represent."

A rep for the team apologized, saying, "The players and staff were simply unsure of the correct protocol in terms of engaging the military members."

"[We] weren't sure if they were welcoming them or providing security." Their apology went over well with the troops, supposedly, so that's good.

As for the outcome of the game ... we have no earthly idea.


American servicmen, risking their lives, in service of their country, are a hell of a lot more important, than a bunch of adults, playing children's games.


Who is up front in the photo? A combat veteran, right sleeve patch of the 1st CAV... Real Americans play baseball, only faccia da culo play soccer...


As a Vet, I feel it doesnt take a rocket scientist to at least nod your head, or smile as you walk past. SECURITY OR NOT! My 8 year old was @ Indy Airport when we picked up my 11 year old (from visiting her Military Father) and said Hi and Thank you to EVERYONE in uniform she saw.....Think its sad that a child gets it but the US Olympic Team doesnt. Hope and pray they learned from this!