True Blood Season 5 Trailer: What's Ahead?

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Did you take a bite out of the True Blood Season 5 premiere on HBO last night?

The ridiculously fun series returned with - SPOILER ALERT! - Tara as a vampire; Steve Newlin as a self-proclaimed gay American blood-sucker; Jessica as a total hottie; Pam in a Walmart sweatsuit; Jason without a lot of clothes on; and Eric having championship sex with his sister.

Where could events possibly go from here? Who will get naked next? When will Christopher Meloni debut as the Guardian of The Vampire Authority? Watch this extended promo for season five now and then vote in the following poll.



Adios True Blood- True Blood is great! If you have watched it from the start, you know how much these characters have evolved! Love the Arlene/Terry new story and can't wait to see how it goes! How about you give a show you watched from the "beginning" a chance before you judge an entire season based on one episode! ugh! Besides about 5 million people watch it weekly. We won't miss you! *wink*


LOVED the episode. LOVED how fierce LaLa was in his face-off with Alcide. SO GLAD to have a narrative point-of-view that was someone's/anyone's - OTHER than Bill's.
This is my fantasy show! LOVE the escapism and the universe that is Bon Temps! Can't wait to see the Authority and Russell Edgington.


We thought the season 5 premiere was terrible. WAY too much stuff going on, no time to develop anything and predictable dialogue and results. We hope the next episode is done much better or it's adios to True Blood for us at least. Flame away all you want at us, but you're still defending a crap episode (and we've been watching since the beginning).

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