Tracy Mabb, Florida Crazy Woman, Poses For One of the Greatest Mug Shots Ever

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Tracy Mabb may not be a celebrity, but she's joined our celebrity mug shots gallery thanks to one of (if not the most) ridiculous booking photos ever.

The 35-year-old Miami, Fla., resident was arrested for pulling her clothing up in a busy road and flashing ALL of her private parts to passing drivers.

No word if her bizarre behavior was influenced by the coming zombie apocalypse in some way, but what is it with crazy people on Miami roads?!

Tracy Mabb Mug Shot

Unsuspecting motorists were forced into watching the impromptu freak/strip show as Tracy Mabb revealed her breasts, vagina and buttocks. Lovely.

She acted in a “vulgar, indecent manner,” according to the police report.

“I don’t give a f**k,” said the blonde non-bombshell when apprehended for her actions. No word if she was on bath salts and/or is a Muppet.

Mabb was later charged with exposing sexual organs in public (that's an actual law!) and was being held in jail on Wednesday on a $600 bond.

Apparently she is also being held on a prior petty theft offense that allegedly took place April 8, according to Broward County court records.


I'm just wondering how the hell she could have pulled off "flashing her sexual organ!" Did she bend over and spread her legs? :-/ It said she showed her buttocks and vagina (technically it wouldn't have been her vagina, but I know what they meant) so I'm thinking that could have been the only way... I'm seriously intrigued by this, hahaha


@wtf you are a moron! You have no idea if she was abused and there are plenty of people with bad pasts that do not act like complete a%%es


See...this is why I use bath gel...just safer..gets me into less trouble...and to date I've yet to be asked to pose for a mug shot! Flaggin' your "privates" by the road is just plain tacky--think of the kiddies! Cry me a river, Tracy!


@ heather. Hey little brain. Grab a clue. She's a human. And clearly a victim of abuse for her to have turned out this way. I read this site for celebrities. Not random victims of abuse because little brains are entertained by it. "she brought this on herself" your ignorance must be blissful. Enjoy the white noise of your limited thinking.


Reminds me of a chinese doll that I had. The doll was cute & crying but this woman isn't. The only
thing I can see in her picture is a gross example of her asset if she exposed herself to everyone they were probably gagging to stopped from vomiting. Don't put her in jail, put her in the mental hospital where she'll be treated by a phychiatrist.


@wtf, yes it is funny! She brought this on herself and now shes a drama queen! Sad? Id be sad if some nut burned a hole in my retinas by flashing herself for all the world to see! She said she didnt give a fuck when she was caught, so either shes drunk or just a slut. Either way, it was her choice. Dont act like stupid ass and flash yourself to everyone, probably some children saw that shit too! Dont have a screamin sob fest for your mug shot! Sad my ass!


Not even funny. Look at her face, she's so sad. That's horrible.


At first, i thought it was the tanning mom.

Wv peach

This is hilarious! She does look like a muppet too. I think there's something in the water in's a freakshow everyday.


I this Tracy Mabb chick (in her mugshot) crying or yawning? Maybe it's a little of both. It's kind of hard to tell. lol.

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