Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Divorce: Scientology Fears Prompted Her to File, Blindside Actor

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Katie Holmes surprised many of us by filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, but the apparent reason behind her decision would likely be anyone's first guess.


Sources say the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce is happening for precisely that reason, specifically her concern that Suri will be introduced to it.

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Their daughter is now six, the age where Scientology will begin to be a major part of her life, and Katie fears Suri will be dragged in too deep.

Holmes has never fully committed to Scientology, TMZ reports, despite her ties with the church and more than five years of marriage to Tom.

Many observers felt their marriage would never work for this reason; Katie respected Tom's beliefs, but raising their child his way a different story.

As she's grown, the couple had been arguing over Suri with greater frequency, and Katie eventually filed for divorce to protect the little girl.

A key detail in the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce filing was the location in which it was filed: The 33-year-old actress made if official in New York.

She does not want Tom, 49, to control decisions relating to Suri's religion, and feels N.Y. is far more likely to grant her request for sole custody.

Holmes reportedly is not after money - she had plenty before they got married and there's a prenup in place anyway - just little Suri Cruise.

Tom deeded their NYC apartment to Katie last year, reportedly for tax purposes; she's using it to establish residence, and file for divorce, in the city.

What is Scientology and is Katie right to be running scared? You will surely have plenty to say about it in the comments, but we leave you with this:

Here's Cruise describing Scientology and what the faith means to him in a video leaked in 2008. Clearly, the man takes it very seriously ...


Scientology is a CULT that routinely identifies many individuals and organizations as their enemies, encouraging their members to take whatever actions necessary to silence them. They have their own militia and type of jail system, and blackmail anyone trying to get out using information gleaned from their audits.


You shouldn't have to pay for enlightenment. Knowledge is free, and should always be, especially when it comes to matters of the soul.


I don't think it's my place, as someone who does not follow Scientology as a religion, to judge someone like Tom Cruise, who does, solely based on that. If your religion, whatever it may be, gives you personal fulfillment and the drive to be a good person and help others, I respect that. However, non-religious people also have every opportunity to find the drive to be a good person, to help others, and to find fulfillment, possibly through working, volunteering, family relationships, etc. While obviously all religions are different, all religions that I know of are, at the core, a method for people to find meaning in life and go on a path to try to be a good person and I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all. I do think Katie should have considered further her relationship with Tom. If she didn't want her children to grow up and be exposed to Scientology, she shouldn't have had children with a Scientologist.


When we make decisions, we often forget that we affect our family and friends. When we make decisions re immortal stuff -- where we come from, why are we here, where we're going -- the stakes are literally life and death. We'd better be as sure as possible that we're following the real way. There can only be one ultimate Truth ... how can truth be 80% this road and 20% that road? And starting with assumption there is an ultimate truth we would then assume there would more than enuff evidence. And it's there, and no, scientology ain't it.


He's a certified NUT! Not only that, but he is so pretensious. He's just so false. I never could understand why Katie married him in the first place.
Now she's showing how smart she is. He's a self-absorbed, conceited moron. I sure hope Katie get full custody. No child should be under his and scientology's spell.


Lmao......Katie is gonna let Scientology get in the way of their relationship.....if she really loved him she'd found away to avoid It.......either way their lil daughter still will be alerted about wth!!!


What's Scientology???


who wants to take bets on how long its going to take for Tom Cruse to use the Scientology lawyers payed for by the cult and Toms good friend David Miscavige


@ Mother Ship - WTF are you rambling about? Are you insane.....or Just an idiot?


I don't know much about Scientology but I DO know the media will SPIN anything to make money-meaning they LIE ALL THE TIME. So, if I wanted to know about Scientology, I wouldn't watch a video of Tom Cruise for a few minutes, read what US Weekly & People has to say & make up my mind about it. Duh.
I feel sad for Suri most of all. She's only 6 & I'll bet she loves her Daddy. As for why Katie filed, who knows except Katie (& maybe Tom). It's always sad when families split. I hope they all find happiness.

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