Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Divorce: Scientology Fears Prompted Her to File, Blindside Actor

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Katie Holmes surprised many of us by filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, but the apparent reason behind her decision would likely be anyone's first guess.


Sources say the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce is happening for precisely that reason, specifically her concern that Suri will be introduced to it.

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Their daughter is now six, the age where Scientology will begin to be a major part of her life, and Katie fears Suri will be dragged in too deep.

Holmes has never fully committed to Scientology, TMZ reports, despite her ties with the church and more than five years of marriage to Tom.

Many observers felt their marriage would never work for this reason; Katie respected Tom's beliefs, but raising their child his way a different story.

As she's grown, the couple had been arguing over Suri with greater frequency, and Katie eventually filed for divorce to protect the little girl.

A key detail in the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce filing was the location in which it was filed: The 33-year-old actress made if official in New York.

She does not want Tom, 49, to control decisions relating to Suri's religion, and feels N.Y. is far more likely to grant her request for sole custody.

Holmes reportedly is not after money - she had plenty before they got married and there's a prenup in place anyway - just little Suri Cruise.

Tom deeded their NYC apartment to Katie last year, reportedly for tax purposes; she's using it to establish residence, and file for divorce, in the city.

What is Scientology and is Katie right to be running scared? You will surely have plenty to say about it in the comments, but we leave you with this:

Here's Cruise describing Scientology and what the faith means to him in a video leaked in 2008. Clearly, the man takes it very seriously ...


When I turned against Tom was when he criticized Brooke Shields when she revealed her Post Partum Depression following the birth of one of her children. He said he'd studied all about it and it was something that could be helped by Scientology, and I saw that as a bunch of bull and him as someone with a big mouth and no clue. The last thing a woman needs to hear about is a man's opinion of a female illness. You've got to live it, not read about it in a book Tom. And I found myself hoping at that time that Katie never suffered from any female illnesses or afflictions cause she'd get no understanding or sympathy from him. How Nicole put up with him for as long as she did, I'll never know - she must have the patience of a saint.


I feel so sorry for him as I would for any zealot anywhere. People so warped by their beliefs that all common sense goes out the window. From his over devotion towards his religion to the way he has had Katie followed by those goons to try and intimidate her clearly there is something very wrong. Nicole kidman went through something similar in that detctives followed her to find dirt and her phones were tapped something she brought up in an interview. So scary...


What happened to the children he adopted when he was married to Nicole? Did they go the special Scientology school Kate feared he was going to put Suri in? Did he get custody or Nicole or was it split?
He is so hung up Scientology I wonder why he has never married or been involved with a woman from that group? He seems to always hook up with a much younger female so there is no doubt he feels a need to control. I know his first wife was into Scientology and introduced him to it but she got out rather quickly. I do not know to much about it but are there any poor people in this group or people who live pay check to pay check any one averaging $26,000 a yr or lower? Just wondering? It sounds like a group for only the rich!


I'd like to add, that I am mainly commenting on the comments about Tom Cruise believes personally. What and how Suri would be brought into this I have no idea.. What does it mean what do they teach her exactly? I am pro everyone keeping an open mind. Especially as a child...
I wish there was an external open minded person who really knows what it is and who could clarify.
Who knows, perhaps he, sorry Tom, was just a big a-hole as a husband seperatly of his believes, I have no idea.. Katie must have seen something good in his religion at one time, so what is real and what is not? I just don't like judging people I only know the surface from. I guess unless Katie herself will ever clarify when she feels ready for that, we will never really know what went on between them.


they're older (I hate typos). Katie knew about his views when she married him-so I only feel sorry for Siri.


As for Tom Cruise the actor, it doesn't really matter what he does legally in his personal life. As for Tom Cruise the father and husband, it does. I don't need people to be saints or role models to like their acting ability and neither should anybody else WHEN it comes to their "religion". But, forcing Scientology (or any other religion for that matter) on a child to that extent is ridiculous. They should be allowed to attend but for the serious things, allowed to wait until their older to decide to join or not. (see Lisa Marie Presley and the fact that she was miserable with Scientology and yet still seems to be wrapped up in it)


Having watched the video, I am none the wiser about the religion. He articulates badly and he comes across as slightly deranged. On the other hand, Katie Holmes was well aware of his beliefs before she married him and knew Scientology would never be up for negotiation. In the middle of all this is an innocent little girl who is obviously deeply loved by both parents. Cruise should have married someone who was already a Scientologist and Holmes should have been given better advice and taken time before marrying him. They both should have thought long and hard before having a child. It's all such a mess - and it is a mess that should have been avoided.


Tom is such a fool!


Katie is right in leaving Tom. So was Nichole. He has become a so crazy and so wrapped up in his "religion" that he's turned into an ego-centric maniac. You want to know the main reason why most people stay in Scientology? Because when they are "detoxified," they tell all their deepest, darkest secrets and they are put on record. And if they TRY to leave, all that dirt is brought back up, so they are pretty much threatened to stay or else. Scientology is taking away God's gift of Agency like a possessive boyfriend, and it shows.


I agree with everything everyone who posted here had to say, TC is all of that and more. I'm sad that he is playing my favorite fictional hero, Jack Reacher. The books by Lee Child are so good it's scary. I truly wanted to see the books as a franchise, but with TC playing Reacher, it will never happen. He is such a flake and freak. I wish Katie all the best and am glad she got out while there was still time to rear her daughter as a "normal" kid.

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