Timothy Poe Breaks Down, Says He Didn't Intend to Lie

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Timothy Poe has apologized once again for the mess he created on America's Got Talent last week. And this time he's done so in between sobs.

The singer - who found himself in boiling hot water following a stutter-filled audition last Monday, the result of which, he claimed during the feature, was a brain injury suffering while in Afghanistan in 2009 - told a Dallas news program over the weekend that he never intended to mislead viewers.

"As everything I said, I believe it wholeheartedly myself," he said. "But I feel like I'm going crazy."

Timothy Poe Interview Still

In light of numerous facts contradicting his tale - such as a photo Poe purported to be of himself overseas actually proving to be a different soldier, and no record of any Purple Heart given out to the aspiring singer for his alleged injury - Poe came clean in an interview a days ago, and has now done so again.

As best he can, that is.

"I really don't know right now what's reality and what's not reality," Poe says on a camera, his fiancee by his side. "I don't feel like I've lied. That's what's driving me crazy, because I truly thought things have happened to me.... I really am sorry."

Poe did serve his country for nine years, that much is not in dispute. But the details of his account very much are. Watch his tearful interview below.

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What a dicplable man my grandpa's serve there county and all the brave man and women past prestigious and future he slap in the face he serve but was never injuried but he need to be lock up


He's only sorry because he was found out. He didn't intend to lie,
but why was he saying he got injured in Iraq? And let's not
forget his stuttering & someone else photo that he just happened to
have on him. He should just say: I am sorry, I lied. He'll be
more believable that way.


When Tim Poe was sobbing hard during the news interview, where were the tears? Not one tear was seen. his face looked completely dry. Just another act that was faked.


i agree 100% with all esp jeff and david. he is despicable and should not be getting anymore press. hes thriving on that now too and it just keeps this string of lies going on and on. nip it in the bud as deputy fyfe said lol :)


Not only American vets have been insulted, as an Australian Vietnam veteran I take offence at Poe stealing the valour of all veterans. I hope that the people at America's Got Talent give him the big "a". Here we have so many Wannabes as you do in America and they must be exposed and shamed.


Frank -- I think Tim is just a grifter, that's all. No self-deception here, but certainly a whole lot of deception all the same! He lied for financial gains, and continues to lie to avoid financial loss. He belongs in jail. He constructed a different injury story to defraud a charity - and is now feigning mental illness as a last ditch escape. Amazing how many people fall for it!


Believe it or not this happens way way to much. I have spent 20 years in the Military and can spot a fake a mile away. When I saw the episode where he was stuttering and carrying on about the RPG brain injury etc I called BS! All the guys and Gals who served and mainly stayed on the bases never saw combat just heard it from others that came back from missions etc. They want everyone to feel sympathy for them and know it is an easy way to get it. To me these are the lowest form om soldier.. Kick him off the show! Plus it is a crime to fake purple heart injuries he should be prosecuted!


Tim Poe is a prime example of someone who can convince himself of his deceptions. Poe, would do well, if he would read Robert Trivers' "The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Self Deception in Human Life." With that said, he should quit the show, and at least claim a small portion of dignity. He should be ashamed that his children had to see it.


I hope they dont let him continue on the show...I really hope they axe the guy.i can't believe his wife let him do it,although she must want to partake in the riches too....so sad...


It makes me sick that this guy is still getting sympathy from gullible viewers. Some believe his story that he is confused about what the reality of what happened is or they think that he has other issues that caused him to lie. This guy knows exactly what he is doing and what he did. He lied to receive glory and take the financial rewards available from good hearted people. And he is continuing to lie to gain sympathy so he can get away with it. He is using peoples unwillingness to believe someone would purposely lie and continue to lie even after being caught. He intentionally uses peoples trust in the ultimate goodness of human nature to continue his attempt to receive sympathy. He is a con man.