Timothy Poe, America's Got Talent Soldier/Stutterer, Stands By Story

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Last night, viewers were treated to one surprisingly impressive act on America's Got Talent: Andrew De Leon, a gothic-looking opera singer.

They were also treated to one controversial contestant: Timothy Poe, a veteran who claimed to have developed a major stutter after suffering an injury in Afghanistan. You can watch video of his audition and backstory here...

HOWEVER, multiple sources have now come forward and are casting doubt on Poe's assertion that a RPG blast in 2009 resulted in this brain-damaged condition.

First, there's the Minnesota National Guard, which said in a statement to Yahoo! TV: "Sgt. Poe's official military records do not indicate that he was injured by a grenade in combat while serving in Afghanistan in 2009, as he reports.

Then, there's investigative work by The Associated Press, which dispute Poe's self-proclaimed 14 years of service and state it could only find evidence that he was a specialist for nine years and did not receive a Purple Heart, which is handed out to all military personnel injured in combat.

Finally, there's this simple quotes from Poe's ex-wife to The New York Post: "There were no combat injuries. I think he developed a 'feel sorry for me' stutter."

Poe tells TMZ, however, that it's not unusual for there to be medical record snafus coming out of Afghanistan and that he DID receive treatment at a medical facility in that country before moving to one in Landstuhl, Germany.

But he also said, citing legal reasons, that he cannot produce any evidence to back up these claims.

What do you think of all this? Do you believe Timothy Poe's story?


So, so, so DISGUSTING. How dare he lie about being injured.


Uhh why was he only in Afghanistan for 32 days if he wasn't injured? that's an awful short deployment. Especially for guard. It often seems they get the longest deployments. Something happened there.He was in supply. He shouldn't have been clearing buildings. I doubt that legal reasons would keep him from producing proof, There seems to be a bit of embellishment going on, but the military is not above not having the full documentation. He can speak of his wartime encounters if it does not compromise national security. You give up your right to sue the government when you enlist so that's out. There is no legal reason he couldn't produce proof to substantiate his claim if he already went public with the information to start with. I call BS on some level


The funny thing about this whole story is that he AA the lead singer of a band Crawl Space while living in Minnisota. I know this because he told me and others while at military training school for transportation specialists. Not only that, but that a group of us sang kereoke a couple of times while at training in Feb-Mar 2009. This being said he also had scares from his prior back surgery that he is now claiming to be battle scars. Look I have his phone number if anyone wants it. I'm sure people have a lot to say.


I also found it weird in his pre-interview(before he got on stage), he didn't stutter ONCE and then really laid it on thick once he was on stage. Then again, I don't see how someone could be so stupid to lie about something like this on national tv. Friends and neighbors would come out saying he really didn't have a stutter. Maybe the ex wife was right, maybe he's been doing the stuttering act for awhile for sympathy. The National Guard doesn't stand to gain anything by coming out and saying they have no record of his injury, so I'm sure they believe what they are saying is FACT. Whatever, I was pretty bored by him anyway! I did enjoy the Goth opera singer though :)


I thought it was strange after his song when he was back stage with Nick and he didn't stutter at all. A fact that Nick pointed out to him. I thought then that he was a fraud. Shame on him.


From experience... If he was MEDEVACed from Afghanistan, then he does have paperwork. You DO NOT leave the middle east by MEDEVAC without medical paperwork. That being said, it is nearly impossible for it to have not been documented by his unit. A unit must have full accountability for all soldiers in that unit, and if he left the theater of operations, they would have had to know why. You don't just end up on a plane and in Germany with nobody knowing what happened. So until he shows more evidence than his National Guard unit already has, I say not only a FRAUD but a DISGRACE to my brothers and sisters of the armed forces.


I dont think hes a fruad, the media will jump at anything just to get views.

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