Tim Poe Apologizes for "Incomplete Facts" Given on America's Got Talent

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Timothy Poe has come clean. Sort of.

The America's Got Talent contestant who claimed during his Monday night audition that he suffered brain damage as the result of an explosion in Afghanistan - and originally stood by the story in the face of mounting criticism - now admits he had his facts wrong.

"It may not have happened exactly like I said it did," Poe told The New York Post. “I really do not remember a lot of things since the accident."

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Poe, an engaged father of two, still says a "blast" went off near his head (and provided the newspaper with documents to prove it) during combat, but admits he boasted about medals he never earned and submitted a photo of another soldier that he attempted to pass off as himself.

Another lie? Or misremembering, as Poe would like us to believe? That he never sang until he left the Middle East.

“I was in a band,” Poe now says. “But it was before the accident. And at the time of AGT, when the judges asked, before I could even think about answering, my words had already came out.”

Friends say Poe is suicidal and members of his family have been threatened. America's Got Talent viewers will see him during Las Vegas auditions next week and to them, as well as all citizens, he has the following to say:

“I would like to take the time to tell the the American people how truly sorry I am that they had to endure the incomplete facts. I understand how they feel.”


He is a barefaced liar. Full stop, end of story. He lied to the judges and the American people about his military service, his injuries and his previous singing history. He needs to be disqualified and the producers of AGT need to do so swiftly. He cannot be allowed to remain in the competition.


Yes, he was very wrong for what he did. Who hasn't boasted about them selves in some way? Of course he way was way out of line. The real question still is... can he sing? Most of us think so. The show is supposed to be based on talent isn't it? Then let it be based on his talent and not of his bragging. If there is something in the rules that disqualify him then so be it.


This man deceived thousands of people by pretending to be what other servicemen and women are trying to escape any actual veteran I've talked to about this gets so infuriated and see it as a major insult.


Did he sing the song? Isnt it amazing that he stutters when he talks, and then can sing so beautifully? Yes...there is more to the story than what he said about his military service. Due to privacy laws they can only give you so much info. The man sang the song and did a great job. He served his country and did sacrafice just by being over there. Please dont be so quick to judge until you have walked in his shoes.


When are people going to be held responsible for their choices and actions. This man needs to be disqualified for his lies. Perhaps he will think twice before decieving others if he doesn't benefit from this.

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