Tim Poe Apologizes for "Incomplete Facts" Given on America's Got Talent

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Timothy Poe has come clean. Sort of.

The America's Got Talent contestant who claimed during his Monday night audition that he suffered brain damage as the result of an explosion in Afghanistan - and originally stood by the story in the face of mounting criticism - now admits he had his facts wrong.

"It may not have happened exactly like I said it did," Poe told The New York Post. “I really do not remember a lot of things since the accident."

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Poe, an engaged father of two, still says a "blast" went off near his head (and provided the newspaper with documents to prove it) during combat, but admits he boasted about medals he never earned and submitted a photo of another soldier that he attempted to pass off as himself.

Another lie? Or misremembering, as Poe would like us to believe? That he never sang until he left the Middle East.

“I was in a band,” Poe now says. “But it was before the accident. And at the time of AGT, when the judges asked, before I could even think about answering, my words had already came out.”

Friends say Poe is suicidal and members of his family have been threatened. America's Got Talent viewers will see him during Las Vegas auditions next week and to them, as well as all citizens, he has the following to say:

“I would like to take the time to tell the the American people how truly sorry I am that they had to endure the incomplete facts. I understand how they feel.”

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He should be put off the show, that is a darn lie, I was in the army for 10 years and 7 month's, a Vietnam times, I am proud of our troops, why some one has to lie and put up a wrong picture is as low as he can get


This is in response to Judy's post..... The guy served ONE month in afganistan, he is a loser and coward! Some of us have actually been there and witnessed some horrible things!


Maybe he exaggerates the stutter, maybe he exaggerates the brain injury. What I can't get past is that he deliberately stole a picture of another soldier and lied and said it was him. That was not giving an "incomplete fact". That was flat out deception! I was not impressed with his singing anyway. I was WAY more excited about the goth opera singer. Let's not be mean to Tim...no one should feel suicidal. He made a big mistake and now he has to deal with it. Let him get on with his life, but not on his show. America won't vote him thru anyway, so let's give someone else who actually has a chance of winning that spot.


It is unfortunate what war can do to our servicemen and women. Prehaps before we make judgement on Tim we should educate ourselves what brain damage can do to someone. Lieing may be Tim's easy way of covering up his PTSD. This young man can sing. We are upset because we truly don't understand why someone could pull something over on us. Forgive and nobody has to forget. Just another part of 911 that filters down. Let the doctors help Tim go through this part of his life. Maybe this happened for a reason. Maybe Tim needs more help than we know. In his mind maybe he searches for a way out of war. Now he can get help and avoid more troubles that PTSD causes. Hopefully his singing can heal the gap that war placed in his soul. Let Tim sing!


Omg! when I saw his audition I knew something wasn't right because when he came out after he made it, he did not stutter once and nick canon even commented on it... What a shame.


Tim Poe THANK YOU for serving our country and thank you for the beautiful song you nailed it! ignore all the haters.


The thing is this man lied to us and we were duped by him. We all love a story and cheered him on but once the truth came out, we can't believe anything he says anymore. He's made his bed now he has to LIE in it. The photos is a lie, the non-singing career is a lie, injury is a lie, maybe he has no kids and no stutter either. There is no way america will forgive this man now.


I admit I was fooled by this guy. Thanks for the follow up stories.


Ahma2-5 - I pretty much agree with your assertion. I think (a) the knee-jerk reaction of the media (and subsequent same from drone public) is not so quickly assuaged by Tim Poe's new-found conscience. (B) Why not tell the 'whole truth' from day one (minus fake pictures/story of RPG). It's going to be tough to salvage this one, but I think if TP stands up, provides details (perhaps even via a FB page or YouTube video), he can salvage some credibility.


He says he's from Texas, but he served with the Minnesota National Guard? That's a hell of a commute for a weekend a month. This poser should be sent back to Afghanistan for a real deployment (not just for a month, like his actual "deployment" was) and made to walk point on every mission for a year. He's a disgrace to veterans...an absolute disgrace.