Tim Poe Apologizes for "Incomplete Facts" Given on America's Got Talent

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Timothy Poe has come clean. Sort of.

The America's Got Talent contestant who claimed during his Monday night audition that he suffered brain damage as the result of an explosion in Afghanistan - and originally stood by the story in the face of mounting criticism - now admits he had his facts wrong.

"It may not have happened exactly like I said it did," Poe told The New York Post. “I really do not remember a lot of things since the accident."

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Poe, an engaged father of two, still says a "blast" went off near his head (and provided the newspaper with documents to prove it) during combat, but admits he boasted about medals he never earned and submitted a photo of another soldier that he attempted to pass off as himself.

Another lie? Or misremembering, as Poe would like us to believe? That he never sang until he left the Middle East.

“I was in a band,” Poe now says. “But it was before the accident. And at the time of AGT, when the judges asked, before I could even think about answering, my words had already came out.”

Friends say Poe is suicidal and members of his family have been threatened. America's Got Talent viewers will see him during Las Vegas auditions next week and to them, as well as all citizens, he has the following to say:

“I would like to take the time to tell the the American people how truly sorry I am that they had to endure the incomplete facts. I understand how they feel.”

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Anyone getting shot or something like that on the other side of the world can only blame themselves for being stupid.


What happened was a disgrace, but no one should go down on him so hard. He got hurt and he has a problem. He lied but he also claims to not remember all that stuff because of his brain injury. If a mentally handicapped man got on a show and said a stupid lie would you say "screw you" or "aww that poor man doesn't know what he's talking about". We are all human. We all tell lies. But it is a disgrace of us if we call him names and stuff because he told a lie and he has a brain injury. I don't think he got on there and thought 'hmm. I'm gonna lie to america!' He is an amazing singer and the judges didn't put him through BECAUSE he lied.


I think he is a discrase to the US! Let the BS go and let God lead you..and for his wife she had to know the BS too! Repent for forgivness and God will give you another chance in your singing talent somewhere!

@ Joyce

What is a disgrace to the US is your inability to properly spell, and then your rant invoking your "God". As if that imaginary being has anything to do with anything. But that is what the US is all about these days. Illiterate no minds ranting about "God".


he's been as transparent as glass. disgraceful. my heartfelt thanks to our real heroes


I am late to this story but...wow. Really? This guy should be ashamed. Misremembering my ass. His wife should be ashamed too, she was right there on stage with him holding the baby. Shame, shame, shame on the two of them.


I have knew Tim for around 2 years. I was stationed in San Antonio for 2.5 years in the same company and Tim had legitimate problems. I have had TBI problems as well. It is a cloudy time trying to remember the details sometimes, so in that regard it is understandable. Does that excuse what he exaggerated, no it does not. Those people who have decided to threaten his family should be whipped in town square. His family did nothing wrong nor should any coward assume otherwise. They know what he told them just like all the people who come home from a war and embellish their feats of valor. If you would like to know who you can be pissed off toward, be pissed at the people who claim to have been deployed and those who are hiding from deployment. God bless you Tim and dont let people dictate how you live your life.

@ miles

True as people want his head most of those people have never even served in the military nevermind deployed to iraq. Maybe he is messed up but the guy was all about profiting off a false lie that really happens to people. For that I dislike the guy.


It makes me sick that this guy is still getting sympathy from some gullible viewers. Some believe his story that he is confused about what the reality of what happened is or they think that he has other issues that caused him to lie. This guy knows exactly what he is doing and what he did. He lied to receive glory and take the financial rewards available from good hearted people. And he is continuing to lie to gain sympathy so he can get away with it. He is using peoples unwillingness to believe someone would purposely lie and continue to lie even after being caught. He intentionally uses peoples trust in the ultimate goodness of human nature to continue his attempt to receive sympathy. He is a con man.


I'm ashamed of myself or believing him. He's a good singer, but if he makes it to Hollywood no one will vote for him because he lost all of the fans he had. I'm starting to wonder why his "wife" played along with this. I really doubt they're in love, and he just used her to get people to believe him.


Eileen... U are wrong, this guy cant sing for shit. Ive seen better drunk people sing in bars. As far as the military, wat a disgrace to our men and women who serve this country.


I cant stand it when people are so transparent. You lied admit to that and quit telling another lie on top of it. I know when someone can not separate a fantasy with reality and you buddy ARE NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. You know the truth and the sad thing is that it makes me sick that you continue to lie claiming you don't know whats real anymore. I PRAY FOR YOU AND ALL THAT YOU HAVE ANGERED BECAUSE WE ARE GETTING CLOSE TO THE END WE WILL ALL BE JUDGED AND BY THE LOOKS OF IT YOU ARE NO WHERE NEAR READY FOR GOD IF YOU CANT HANDLE AMERICAS JUDGEMENTS. PLEASE GIVE YOUR HEART TO GOD! ( THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE )