The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Diss-Invite

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Just when I thought this season of The Real Housewives of New York City might end up being the new housewives versus the old, "Diss-Invite" turned that fear upside down.

It's actually become all of the housewives against Ramona. Who saw that coming? So let's break it all down in our THG +/- recap.

First off, what do you think of the new housewives? When the opening conversation between Aviva and Carole consisted of what they'd eaten for breakfast…Aviva ate a hard boiled egg and Carole a sugar cookie for those who missed that fascinating tidbit…I thought about going to bed early. Minus 12.

Are these women just that boring or do I need to get some more sleep?

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When Ramona showed up with gifts I was surprised by Aviva's comments. I realized that Ramona's pimping her own skin care line but it was still nice of her to hand out presents. Minus 5 to Aviva for the sarcasm.

Ramona's searching for Heather haters but it didn't seem to be working. As both Ramona and Heather talk too much a talking intervention was proposed. Wait. Would we still have a show if they all shut up?

Where was Sonja during lunch.  Well, she blew off Ramona to go hang out with arch enemy Luann. Now that's trouble. Minus 8. It simply wasn't nice to cancel on one friend in favor of another. Plus Luann did her best to stir up trouble between these two friends and it seemed to be working.

On a side not for Sonja…what's up with her intern/personal assistant/indentured servant? That whole situation is just plain weird.

After lunch Carole and her friend Tripp went and tried to blend in with the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Plus 10 for realizing that they were part of the 1%. Nice to know they could still mingle with the masses.

Second side note of the night. Plus 7 to Carole for calling out Luann's habit of royal name dropping. It's simply pretentious nonsense and it grows old fast.

Minus 12 because the Heather/Ramona summit was downright painful to watch. I could only imagine how uncomfortable it was to be a part of. Couldn't they just admit they don't like one another and move on? Of course what fun would that be?

The elephant in the room was that every other housewife had been invited on Heather's trip to London except Ramona. In the end, it's Heather's trip and she can invite whomever she wants but the awkwardness grows the longer she goes without mentioning it. If she simply told Ramona she didn't have enough rooms for more guests…well, yes that would still sound lame but at least it's something.

Plus 10 to Sonja for standing up to Ramona for a change. I understood that Ramona wanted Sonja to make a stand and choose her side but wasn't that just a little bit junior high of her. Sonja's allowed to have her own friends. 

Minus 15 to Ramona for making a scene at Sonja's party. She certainly did her best to turn it into the Ramona show. Then she called her friend an airhead and stormed out in a huff. 

So do you think Luann and Heather are recruiting for the Ramona Haters Club? Whose side are you on and who do you think will end up going to London?



I'm really enjoying Kelly this seaon! (I mean Ramona). She's crazy and can't even look people in the eye and she waves her arms around like a freakn windmill!


Lou Ann needs to grow up and act like the over middle aged women she is. Her singing is a joke and her trying to get fertile is even more of a joke. Lets face it Lou Ann your an old lady. Stop trying to act like a thirty something year old.


Ramona's a nightmare. I totally can see why Heather wouldn't want to invite Pinot Pickled Brain Ramona to London. It was hard to watch Ramona pick on poor Sonja, and Mario co-signing his wifes madness was even more pathetic.


I can't stand Ramona. Like everyone else, but Ramona NEEDS to get off the show!!!


I like Ramona, I think that she is straight forward, says what she feels, not at all pretentious, kind and shes there for her friends. She has a husband who loves her, and she has a successful marriage something that most of these wives dont have, successful business. and she is still on the show, Also she can afford her own damm trip to London. If Luann is going, I wouldnt want to go on the trip, and I was born there LOl


Soooo happy what comes around goes around for bug eye Ramona , Heather could see crazy a mile away , Ramona now knows how people really feel about her and it hurts doesn't it LOL !!


If Heather doesn't want to invite Ramona that's her choice. Ramona did not invite Luann to her dinner at the Hamptons. So tough it out Ramona you ain't going to London!!


Team Everyone BUT Ramona


Can you say DRUNK! And maybe a little Cocane!!!!

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