The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Boozy Brunch

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The Real Housewives of New York City somehow take a "Boozy Brunch" and turn in into a trip to London. Come on, admit it. You wish you could too.

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    I totally agree!! I can not stand Ramona, she makes me not even want to watch the show the way she treats people. She is completely in the wrong with the way she treats Luna and than lies about it and makes Luna look like she's exaggerating. She thinks she is "honest" and "speaks what other people are thinking" but she's really just a bitch and all the harsh things she says nobody is thinking, I think the other women just say what she wants to hear so they are not under her fire. The comments and insults are always from left field. Also for someone who thinks she's so classy the inappropriate put downs that come out of she mouth are just out of place and not very classy at all! I think she puts people down on a regular bases cause those are the girls she feels threatened by so that's how she makes herself feel better, cause I'm starting to see a pattern of when she beaks off "unfiltered", like when she first met Heather and she was speaking with her husband, and Luna is a much more well rounded women and those are usually the types of insults she throws at her. Ramona is just an all around bitch and I hope people see that and the women put her in her place on the show, and by critics and tabloids watching the show.


    Romona is a nut job I think she is crazy I mean she is a nut job... You treat people like shit the way you treat service people is ridiculous... Waiter waiter I need a drink... Your a drunk girl get some help..,


    Ramona, just shut up already!!! Damn you are obnoxious!!


    Ramona needs to know that kids should be off limits. If Ramona feels LuAnn makes snide remarks, then perhaps Ramona should tit-for-tat and make digs about LuAnn, NOT the kids. Ramona is so envious of Heather. Ramona feels so threatened by affluent, self sufficient intelligent woman. It seems to me that ever since Sonja made an effort to focus on her cookbook business, Ramona doesn't seem so supportive. The way Ramona attempted to make Sonja look like an idiot simply because Sonja didn't bring a NOTE PAD to her meeting with Ramona. Heather on the other hand had better advice for Sonja
    Team Heather
    Team LuAnn


    Avilva, who dresses in wedges and a little black dress to bathe the toddlers? Get "real.". Carole-stop with the femme fatale act. You're a little too old and it looks a little desperate. Sonia, you looked beautiful - keep your clothes on (a glimpse of coming attractions is worrisome). Remember, you have a little girl. You really want her to have to explain your antics to her friends? Luann, that you are even entertaining the idea of having a baby is mind boggling. Ramona, loved the business advice to Sonia...write notes in a notebook. Revolutionary! Heather you are loud and rude. And to all of you who discussed sleeping with Aviva's ex-shame on you.

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