The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Uncivil Unions

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This week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, "Uncivil Union," had nothing to do with the upcoming gay wedding and everything to do with the family drama between friends and siblings ... what else is new.

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    IM sorry I think criss is gay not albie...


    I do think Albie is gay and living with is lover.....The gay roommate..sad to me he wont come out....he has an uncle that is gay. what is the big deal? Why wuld greg be in the show so much and the family love lves loves him...


    I do think Albie is gay and living with is lover.....The gay roommate..sad to me he wont come out....he has an uncle that is gay. what is the big deal?


    - Teresa the more money you get the less I like you,and the crazier you act.I'm sick of looking at you . Do something with them bad ass kids take time to teach them something.Like how to act out side your house.


    I meant to say that Teresa's husband is always calling Joe Gorga a 'little bitch' and said Joe Gorga's new name is Josephine.


    Loretta you are correct - Teresa and her usually drinking booze husband Joe are always sneaking in jabs about Joe Gorga being a homosexual. Last episode Teresa called her brother a 'pansy' for telling Melissa about the cheating comment and Joe Gorga is always calling Teresa's brother a 'little bitch' and said JG's new name is Josephine... I think Teresa's husband is the real closet case on the show. I don't know if Albie or Christopher might be the gay son, but I do think they have gone way too far having the gay friend Greg in so many events and vacations... I see that Caroline's heterosexual daughter brought her date to the wedding, so I believe that Greg was there to be a date too.


    It is beyond me that Andy Cohen would air last nights episode. Talk about stero typing gays. I guess if you just show everyone just living their lives as regular human beings, no one would watch.
    Am I the only one who caught the Teresa/Joe alleging that Joe Gorga may be gay? It was all in the therapy discussion. And I agree with you Lane. Maybe finally Albie will be allowed to come out.
    I mean really, Greg is at every family occasion . What's next, Liberace's line-He just hasn't found the right girl?
    Add Oy Vey to that Mazel.


    Did everyone see how pissed off that Melissa was in the hot tub because Heather was getting all of the attention? Melissa had a real bitch face on and made a nasty comment about girls like Heather having 2 sides to them. She should know... Caroline did a lot of preaching about accepting gays - and I agree with what she said 100%. But with Caroline things always seem to lead up to something. Maybe her son will come out of the closet or something. I see he brought his gay friend to the wedding...

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