The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Public Displays of Rejection

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How does a Real Housewife of New Jersey hit rock bottom? When she has no one left to hear her whine. That's the place Teresa Guidice found herself in during last night's episode, "Public Displays of Rejection."

We break down all the drama below in THG's +/- recap!

What doesn't Teresa understand? Jacqueline was upset about the magazine saying she was going to jail and confronted her about it. Minus 10 because I don't see what's the big deal.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Pic

But Teresa calls it an ambush. I'll give her a Plus 3 because once Caroline jumped into the fray it sort of felt like one but that wasn't Jacqueline's intention. Teresa's biggest issue is that she can never see someone else's point of view.

When she runs home to cry on Joe's shoulder he gives his typical response. He tells her she has him and she doesn't need anyone else so move on. Minus 12. It always feels like Teresa's husband is trying to isolate her from the rest of the world. Maybe it's because the less friends she has, the less likely she is to leave his sorry butt.

Of course Joe can't have a conversation without calling someone names. According to him Jacqueline is a dodo bird. Eh. Minus 5. That's lightweight for Joe. Maybe he's distracted by his missing koi.

Is anyone curious what kind of behavioral issues got Joe Guidice sent to therapy at age 11? No? Me neither. 

In a surprise move Teresa reaches out to Kathy.  Minus 10 to Teresa for trying to play it off like she and Kathy have never had any real problems but maybe it's true if you compare it to the problems Teresa has with everyone else.

Kathy thinks the lunch invite is weird. No Kathy, it's not weird, it's desperation.

Over at the Gorga household Melissa's putting on makeup for her phone interview with Ryan Seacrest. Plus 9 to Joe for for poking fun at her for it. An extra Plus 5 for telling his daughter she won't be wearing lipstick again until she's 21.  The guy is almost cute when he's in daddy mode.

But Minus 7 because couldn't Melissa have taken that phone call in private without Joe and the kids joining in. If she wants to be taken seriously she could work on being a little more professional.

Melissa's song, "On Display" debuts on Seacrest's radio show. Like the song says, it puts her on display and that means taking the good, like the people congratulating her, along with the bad.  The bad being the people tweeting that her song sucks. 

Gorga throws yet another party for Melissa. Minus 5 because I hated her dress but plus 10 because the Gorga's certainly enjoy a good party, even when they have to throw it themselves.

When the party throws all of the haters into one room you know someone's going to start a fight. Who would have thought it would be Jacqueline who kicks it off.

As Jacqueline stalked over to Teresa I found myself yelling, 'Don't do it!" Minus 8. She didn't listen.

Melissa and Joe Gorga

And in a shocking twist, (that's sarcasm for those who missed it), Teresa believes she's the only one hurting and she hasn't done anything wrong. Plus 10 because at least you can count on Teresa to be consistent.

I couldn't help but laugh when Teresa mentions that she and Jacqueline haven't had a fight in their 15 year friendship. No kidding. Generally Jacqueline's a push over and she's always worshiped Teresa. It's about time those rose colored glasses came off.

Teresa calls Jacqueline a psycho bitch but only to the camera, not to her face and says she should have punched her…but it's not her style. Minus 11. No, Teresa prefers cursing and flipping tables.

The f**k you's fly between the former friends and if possible I think things got even worse.

Plus 12 to Melissa who notices the fight in progress and quips about it being, "the mother f**king Teresa show" once again. But she keeps her cool and tries to break it up, only to get dragged into the middle of it.

When confronted by her conversation with Danielle, 2 years ago, Melissa is honest.  At the time, she hated Teresa and she used Danielle to get to her. She even apologizes for it. Damn.  Plus 15.  It's nice to see someone taking the high road for a change.

The sisters-in-laws seem to mend fences but will it stick. I'm not optimistic. Teresa's feeling alone now that she's lost Jacqueline. It's why she agreed to go to therapy with her brother.
Since she believes the problems are all his, the endeavor is destined for failure. 

Any chance I'm wrong? Check back next week to find out.



Teresa has good reason to be upset.I mean COME ON *Jacqueline who is suppose to be her bff?? who wants a friend like that!?all she does is talk SmAcK about teresa behind her back & then tries to pretend like she O'SO'SAD on tv to the can only fake who you are for soo long on reality tv *until people can finally see who and what your really about...i mean T may hve sum prob BUT atleast teresa isnt 2faced.. jacqueline THE...jac-phony-line*let me act concerned about some rediculous magazine article & try and turn teresa &danielle tweeting about melissa into my own pitty party &see if no one can tell how bad my teresa obsession is taking over my mind...hmmmmm..& maybe no one will notice my wkly blogs dedicated to taking down "my so called BFF"...


I wasn't going to mention it but since it has come up I going to chime in. WTF with Teresa's hairline? Isn't there a hairstyle that can disguise the simian nature of her hairline? My God, her eyebrows and hairline almost meet up on her forehead and it looks freaky.
I'd look into plastic surgery for that or at the very least cut in some bangs and stop wearing my hair off my face if I were her.
It's very jarring to look at and it's all I see when I look at her.


I believe the "physical counseling" that they go to will develop into another reality show - it will be verrrrry intersting to see when the Phys. conuselor tells Teresa that she is at fault with her mental block thru her processing brain!!! THAT will make a GREAT show - are there tables in front of the Phy. therapist??? maybe a desk????


I honestly don't understand why Teresa is still on this show. Talk about stupid! Knowing she has three books that are best sellers is a slap in the face to people who actually have knowledge of the English language. Not knowing what "therapy" is as opposed to "physical therapy", is ridiculous. Juicey Joe is a jerk and those kids of theirs are spoiled brats. Come on Bravo, you can do better than this.


Teresa is a self absorbed, delusional and spiteful person.
That woman never takes responsibility for her actions but loves to blame everyone else for all her wrong doings.
She now has a little posse that extends the irrational attacks against anyone that dare call her out.
She constantly trashes everyone behind their backs, then tries to play the victim and lies whenever confronted.
She's either really stupid, extremely delusional or a pathological liar...perhaps a combination of all three.


Tereas is a bit of a "Heckle and Jive" herself. She can pull just about any personality out of her hat-especially when confronted. Whe confronted she attempts to redirect the conversation and get the focus off of her so she does not have to address her lies and duplicity. She is a hot mess and she's going to therapy to "help" her bro? I can tell you right now that this won't work because Tereas sees herself as "Teresa of Arc"...all wide-innocence and "I didn't do nothing wrong. Right?"


This has become the Melissa "On Display" show, give me a break. Love her or hate her, Teresa has remained the same throughout the 4 seasons. Jac needs to consider AA, Joe needs to go away, far far away, Carolyn, so predictable, she always needs to have someone to hate, and Kathy... what the hell is she there for??? Run Kathy, run......


Again, don't need to be poor and live in a trailer to be white trash! The poor kids will unfortunatly bear the brunt on this life style. Loved the way the little Gino wacked his dad upside his head, unfortunatly, it did NO good!


I disagree with Lana, Danielle is nothing but a trouble maker, she is still trying to make her way in California and Hollywood doesn't even want her. Have to agree with everyone as Theresa is really stupid and into entitlement to her behalf.. Joe is very foul mouthed, can't even carry on a conversation in the bus on the way to the wedding, and worse Theresa just laughs at him. Joe is afraid that Theresa will leave him and then he will have nothing, which is exactly what she should do, go get therapy with her brother, and wise up.. Jacqueline is a far to nice of a person, but couldn't figure out why she got so upset other than the friendship between the 2 is waivering as it is with everyone else..Teresa just need to sit herself down and think about why no one wants to be around her.. She is beautiful, but the voice has to go.. Don't watch it much any more, just got sucked in last night..


I think all of the NJ housewives are freaky looking. Teresa looks like an ape with no forehead, Jacqueline looks like she did the nose job herself and took off too much of her beak, Caroline is just all old and looks like a mean Bozo, Melissa has a forehead that goes on forever, and Kathy looks good when she's all made up but without 1/2 inch of foundation and a tube of eye liner she looks like an old hag. Sad to say buy Rosie is probably the best looking person on the show. Rosie also seems to have the best values of the lot.

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