The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Public Displays of Rejection

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How does a Real Housewife of New Jersey hit rock bottom? When she has no one left to hear her whine. That's the place Teresa Guidice found herself in during last night's episode, "Public Displays of Rejection."

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    For all you haters, Teresa is not the sole problem, Caroline and Jackie stick their fat noses in other peoples business. Evidence of that when a small child wanted her mom and those bullies kept picking on her. The child was spoiled in her actions but her mother was there to correct her. Jackie and Caroline are bullies. Kathy thinks she is self righteous and better than everyone else. Her and Rich are creepy. Melissa flips that hair of hers and constantly critizes Teresa. She is a witch, replace w with a b. Teresa's brother says only bad things about her. Teresa wants her brother back. Cut her some slack. She is going through a hard time you self-centered bunch of people.


    Omg I'm lmao at reading all the post. I love it. I agree with each and everyone of you. Except the person taking up for baby Milo in the 1st planet of the apes (Teresa). What does give with the hairdo she must of done it herself with a compact mirror.


    Where in the world did they find that asshole family therapist? That session was a waste of time. Teresa is the one that desperately needs therapy. With all the glitz and glamor she has serious self esteem issues which is why she is so jealous of Melissa and the rest of the women. Her husband is a slug who is disrespectful and crude. It's really sad that she has four daughters who will be negatively influenced by his poor role model as a father. I think he is pissed because Joe is more successful, personable and has sons. Teresa will continue to be the two-faced, manipulative, lying, miserable person unless she has an ephiphany about herself and the hot mess that she has created. I feel bad for Jacqueline because she made a heroic effort to befriend Teresa; only to be lied to AGAIN.


    Tre has the brain of a hamster and looks like a ugly drag queen or a monkey depending on if she is jumping up or down or not. What a hot mess..........Joe is discusting!


    I think she is very hurt by her so call friends. The vegas girls need to stop at some point being a back door liar. Carolina need to stay out the young people problems. It is a reason why Dina don't speak with her sister. Carolina son and his gay is always making fun of joe and wive. When did they give him a real part. Carolina daugther has issue and her mom should take time over their. carolina and sister in law tried to bully thersa daugther out of the dislike for her mother and dad.


    Did Teresa have her boobs made bigger again? They look larger and they were popping out of the blue swimsuit.


    Jacqueline is so full of crap. I dislike T but Jacqueline is always talking crap about T behind her back. Jacqueline did the same thing to Danielle when she stabbed Danielle in the back by pretending to be her friend then she threw Danielle under the bus. Caroline is so jealous of T's success with the cookbooks. Guess Caroline is angry that the show is more about T than it is about her sons Albie and Chris. Maybe Caroline should worry about her own family and stay out of T's business. Funny how Caroline is always saying that her family is all about love but I only saw her brother Chris at the gay wedding - funny how there was not enough 'love' for the rest of them to make the trip to Chicago.


    Bravo split up the group on a few of the shows and I really enjoyed the segments featuring just Kathy, Melissa, and Kathy's sister and friends at Kathy's house in Wayne and at the shore. They discussed some real issues and all got along and had a good time. It was so refreshing not seeing the other 3 who are always fighting it out. That old Caroline is such a drag and she's just so negative and mean. Jacqueline is just a big bore, and that other nutso person with the hostile husband and 4 screaming brats...

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