The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Best Friends For Never

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What happens when best friends decide to have a chat?

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it apparently ends up including lots of screaming and hand gestures and ends up with "Best Friends For Never." 

We break down all the finger-flailing drama in THG's +/- recap!

Teresa and Joe are still in the middle of their bankruptcy proceeding and the tabloids say Teresa may have to do prison time for fraud. They allege she knowingly withheld assets including her $250,000 book advance for Skinny Italian.

Yet somehow not only do they still live in their big fancy house but they're adding a carport and a huge garage with an upstairs apartment?

Minus 15. If this is bankruptcy then sign me up.

Teresa Giudice, Hat

The visit to their lawyer left more questions than answers. How much debt are these two in that they can't pay it off with Teresa's book sales? I can only imagine that the money they waste in a month could support most families for a year. Minus 10.

Plus 12 to Chris. I couldn't believe he'd offered to buy all of their auction items and give them back to Joe and Teresa. Friendship or foolishness? The guy certainly has a good heart.

Which was certainly in evidence with all the crap he's put up with with Jacqueline's daughter Ashlee. Heck, Chris lasted longer than her own dad. He's already had enough of his daughter down in Texas and is ready to ship her off to California. 

Plus 8. It's about they let the spoiled brat head out on her own. She needs a good dose of reality and she won't get that with her family constantly paying her bills while she runs off and parties.

But most of the drama surrounded yet another article about Teresa in the tabloids. Melissa couldn't care less but Kathy's worried about her cousin.

But still she's not concerned enough to ask Teresa about it. Minus 9. Kathy should either stop whining about it or head over and talk to Teresa. All of this worrying about what Teresa might say has gotten boring.

Here We Go Again

At least Jacqueline has the guts to do just that.  She has tears in her eyes when she tells Teresa she's worried about what the celebrity gossip sites and the tabloids are saying and asks Teresa to tell her what's really going on. 

Is Teresa grateful that she has a friend who cares? Heck no. She calls Jacqueline a Heckyll and Jyde (not that's not a typo). She thinks Jacqueline is attacking her. Minus 10

To the camera, Teresa says she's offended Jacqueline is poking into her business but she doesn't tell her so. Instead she lies and says she doesn't get paid for these articles.

Um…wasn't it just last week she said she gives interviews for the money? As the ladies start yelling and the fingers start flying, Caroline wanders in. Now the fun really begins.

Caroline backs Jacqueline and accuses Teresa of lying about getting paid. That quickly descends into Caroline finally telling Teresa how pissed she is about the non-apology for the cookbook.

The funniest thing is that after Caroline tells her off and Jacqueline says she needs a break from the friendship, Teresa still wants to kiss goodbye. Plus 12. Only Teresa.

It all leaves Teresa to believe that there are evil people out there and sometimes they come in the shape of your friends. Minus 10 because it really is kind of sad.

Her family's in shambles, her finances are a mess and she's losing friends every week. She can keep the fancy house. Goodness knows I wouldn't want to be Teresa.

Episode total = -22! Season total = -95!


They're all a bunch of two faces. And that red hair Carol has five faces.


Teresa Teresa Teresa... the whole show has become one big Teresa drama! Even the first tag for RHONJ articles reported on The Hollywood Gossip has Teresa Giudice's name listed before any of the other housewives... Now either Teresa is a real nut or she's one real clever girl. She's pushed all of the others aside and made herself the center of attention. I see lots of future offers and books in the pocket of this mean trash mouth from Paterson NJ. I'm sure she will have her own show real soon.


Melissa really should be scared for her life. Theresa can't have a single conversation with anyone without bashing Melissa. When Theresa said "i don't need therapy, Joey and Melissa should go, that's his wife" I thought if Joey and Melissa had issues they would go, but it's you Theresa and YOUR brother that has the issues and need to rectify them. Theresa should stop focusing on Melissa. Joey seems to know that Theresa's obsession with Melissa needs to stop. He begged her to stop bringing up Melissa while they sat and discussed their issues and Theresa had a seriously hard time NOT mentioning Melissa. It's scary, her obsession.


Its hard to believe how messed up Teresa's mind is. She actually believes her own BS...a sociopath really. Its getting hard to watch at this point...get her off the show so she can salvage her life. She's already ruined her bratty, rude, awful kids.


Teresa is an unrealisitc, self-centered psycho and her kids are among the homliest I have ever laid eyes on. The little scene Gia made a Jaqueline's party was pathetic. I don't even believe in hitting kids but if I could have, I'd have happily slapped Gia right in her mouth. Get Teresa and her phony family off TV!


Teresa, despite her protestations, REALLY needs some therapy. And I'm not talking about physical therapy.
I used to dislike her but, honestly, now I just feel really sorry for her. She has alienated her friends, she has been caught up in a web of her lies, she is married to an obnoxious misogonist, her kids are damaged, her financial house of cards is falling in on her head, she has serious legal issues, yet she STILL seems to believe that everyone "copies" her and is jealous of her.
Geeze. Why would anyone want to be Teresa? At this point, even she doesn't want to be Teresa.
She hates Melissa because she used to be her. Melissa has everything Teresa wants and it's just eating her up.
And Caroline-I understand your angst but lighten up. You've made your point.

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