The Green Lantern: Rebooted, Gay in New Comic Book!

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Alan Scott, a.k.a. the Green Lantern, is officially coming out of the closet.

The DC Comics staple, who was first introduced in 1940 as a husband and father, is a homosexual in Earth 2's new comic, being released next week.

The comic-book giant approved author James Robinson's character-altering decision “without hesitation.” Here's GL making out with his boyfriend:

Green Lantern Gay

“He’s very much the character he was,” James tells the New York Post of the change. “He’s still the pinnacle of bravery and idealism. He’s also gay.”

Interestingly enough, Alan’s son Obsidian was gay, but the rebooting of Alan as a young man means erasing the existence of his kids altogether.

“So I thought, ‘Why not make Alan Scott gay?’” James says of his decision to alter his sexual orientation. “That was the seed that started it.”

It's unclear if this particular seed he planted will encourage other superheroes to come out, or will increase or decrease interest in GL's exploits.

It's unlikely, though, that Ryan Reynolds' version of The Green Lantern will change teams in the much-anticipated sequel to last year's film.


@so lame: My bf tells me that Green lanterns weakness in the comics has always been anything made of wood. Seriously!! I just never thought they meant "wood" as in erection. I guess the new story is that when green lantern sees "wood" he falls to his knees.......drooling mouth open.


Lets get this shit straight: BatWoman is already lesbian and I am VERY ok with that. The only men who have a problem with lesbians are gay men! DC has 3 gay headhonchos. THREE. All guys. So they aint giving us lesbians. They give us cock-suckers. First Northstar (X-men mutant) and then a gay wedding. Yes they actually wrote a superhero gay wedding (lmao). Now they turn one of the green lanterns gay. Its a fucking agenda. They should give us lesbians if they must write homosexuality into the stories!


Whats his super power.....drappery? sassy fingersnapping?


"sir can i buy the green lantern?" "well sure kid, you know he likes to put a pee-pee in his no-no?" "really sir?" "well kid, do you want to be more like your hero?" "yes please sir" "then bendover kid!!!" Your sons are no safer than your daughters now. Watch out for your kids and monitor what they read!!!!


we have enough real life "booty bandits" must we mess up the comic heroes to?


Superman has Kryptonite.
Batman has Bats.
Whats the new Green Lantern afraid off? Yep, you guessed it....vagina. He crumples over in pain at the very sight of it. His archnemesis need only lift up her skirt to defeat this so very MANLY SuperHero!


@comicbook guy: Good point. Interesting that they deal with sexual diversity & not gender or racial diversity. They could have rebooted it and made the new Green Lantern a woman, right? This is bull shit politics. Leave that nonsense out of the comic book world.


Its targetted at pre-teen boys and its intended to encourage sexual experementation!!!!!! They made Green Lanterns kid gay afew years ago so I doubt this is about teaching diversity or tolerance. If it were about diversity they would make KEY superheroes black, latino, asian and/or female. This groups are still kept on the margins though (except for spiderman but that doesnt count coz its not Peter Parker). There is an agenda here for sure.


Yeah but if they acknowledge Robin as gay then there would implicitly be making batman gay. The fanfic cannon has always been that they are live-in lovers and Robin is a Bottom Twink (catcher) and Batman is the man in that relationship. Cant we just leave sexuality out of the comics????? Leave that shit to fanfic.


It should have been Robin from Batman and Robin. Everyone always thought he was gay.