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Most of last night's new episode of the Bachelorette was so blah blah blah blah. That wuss-filled Arie should have gone home last night and NOT Doug and John. Arie is so annoying and looks like he always has something to hide. And, besides...annoyance and secrecy=MAJOR ROMANCE KILLERS!!!!! And that so-called puppet show was so fucking stupid!!!!! If I was that librarian, I would have thrown Jef and Emily out of there for acting so damn lame. At this point, Chris is such a blubbering train-wreck. To me, Sean is the most REAL ONE on there. Since next week's new episode is all about Emily meeting Arie, Chris, Jef and Sean's families, 2 words people...DRAMATIC FIREWORKS!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Until next week...Peace.


This entire season makes me gag. I'm so annoyed at myself for watching! Give me a break! This girl has absolutely ZILCH going for her. ("I know, right?") She is phony with a capital "P." The guys are blah. Jef (one "f") is still a child. Arie (obviously, the "Winner,") seems to have one *thing* on his mind, and we all know how long THAT will last!) Sean is too "nice" (and, borrrr-ing). And, Chris is an "accident waiting to happen." This girl needs to get her hair "re-touched," drop the spray tan, go back home to NC, go back to school and learn how to read and write; and (please...for her own sake) get "real." Next season (if there IS one), producers, PLEASE give us a more believable, and more intelligent, "Bachelorette."


Chris continues to show his lack of maturity. He certainly seems like a nice young man but I would not feel that he is ready for marriage and fatherhood. If he had time to grow before becoming a parent...

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