The Bachelorette Recap: Goin' West Virginia Hood Rat Backwoods on His Ass!

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Emily Maynard showed us a new side of herself on The Bachelorette tonight. We honestly didn't know the girl had that scrappy street fighter in her, but we dig it.

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    Arie is not ready to be a dad, he claims he is but if all he can think about is kissing Emily 24/7, how do u think ricki will think or feel?? Sean was the right one for Emily you could just tell he really cared for her. It's too sad to think Emily doesn't see the mistake she made by sending him home!


    Sean is the right guy for Emily, i was so mad when I watched the show and saw he got voted off. You can tell that Sean really does care about her and her feeling and ricki. I wish she would realize that they are ment for each other and that the other two guys are nice but there just NOT met for her. Sean has all the quallitys I personally think she's looking for. 1.someone who cares for ricki 2.someone who is ready to be a dad and a husband 3. A protector and just everything about him I feel like is great for Emily. The note he wrote to ricki was so sweet. Im just super disapoonted because i personally think he was the right one for her and her daughter.......


    It takes two to tango...she couldn't have gotten pregnant on her own. You are obviously a woman It is the man that impregnates the woman and just as much his responsibility you moron. Southern women do not intentionally do that any more than he intentionally did it to her. It happens. And what do I think she'd be doing if that hadn't happened? Whatever she wanted because she's drop dead gorgeous and could have done entertainment, modeling, acting, hosting, whatever. She was also an event planner I believe and she hosted for nascar. She would be fine and doing awesome no matter what. She's a super strong woman! You are just anti-strong women as so many are. Sad.


    I can't see any relationship with Emily lasting. Ricky will always be Number One for Emily, with the husband a very distant second, and the minute the man says something negative about Ricky, he's out the door.

    The Bachelorette made a mistake, selecting Emily. Behind the glittering facade, she's predictable, manipulative and easily riled. There is no fun, no humor, no lightness with this woman. Am I the only viewer disappointed?


    Since Ricky is Emily's love child, I think any of these guys is taking a huge risk. Your first love is always your greatest and whomever she picks is always going to be third. First comes Ricky, then herself and then the chosen one. While Kalon used maybe the wrong term, I think he saw future problems with her. No, I didn't like him, but he does have pride in himself and saw future problems. You know she will never move away from her real meal ticket. Brad found that out.


    In my posting from a little while ago, instead of go glad, it should have read so glad. Once again...MY BAD!!!!!



    I totally agree with Anne...Sean is truly THE ONE for Emily!!! Sean is so HOT HOT HOT!!! I am go glad that Kalon's stupid ass got kicked off last night's episode. And, I hope that Emily doesn't end up with Jef...he seems WAY TOO MORAL!!! Plus, he's from U-T-A-H (aka POLYGAMY state)!!! Need I say more???



    i WISH EMILY SHOULD SMART UP NOW. Sean is the real one to be the best for Emily. To be honest I don't like Arie. He's a good looking guy and probably romamntic. But Sean is gentleman and real for Emily.


    jhendrixfan who the hell do you think you are judging women like that? What the hell is wrong with you spitting that shit out of your filthy mouth about southern women. You're a pompous ass for such stupid ass statements. Southern women have pride in themselves and where they are from. Most women regardless of where they are from take pride in themselves, unlike people like you.


    I "agree" & I wish some of you sleezy women would stop calling her trash. She is NOT trash. She is a Classy Southern Woman who really loves her little girl & wants a good 'Daddy' for her.

    Just whats so "Trashy" about that... Are you "JEALOUS?" yA THINK?

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