The Bachelorette Promo: Arie Luyendyk Relationship With Producer Exposed!

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Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s much-discussed relationship with a producer on The Bachelorette will apparently be discussed on next week's episode of the hit show.

This has been well-documented throughout the season, but until now, it was unclear if Emily knew at all, let alone found out in the middle of the season.

Numerous reports about Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Cassie Lambert have circulated, though his friends have defended him and downplayed the relationship.

What really happened and how will Emily Maynard react?

The surprising preview for next week (above) certainly makes it look like she's not happy, though the producers may be more to blame than Arie here.

According to Reality Steve, when Emily found out, she realized the show's brain trust knew about Cassie and Arie the whole time and kept it from her.

"Arie was told to never bring up the Cassie relationship to Emily and that it was already taken care of," according to Steve, "yet, it wasn’t taken care of."

However Emily does find out about Arie and Cassie having a relationship, it remains to be seen whether it will torpedo the race car driver's chances.

The Bachelorette spoilers we've posted throughout the season offer some hints in that regard. What do you think? Should she kick him off the show?

If she does, she'll be parting ways with one of the favorites. Check out this clip of Arie and Emily on last night's episode, getting cozy in Croatia ...


Think about all the single mothers who don' t live in a beautiful house bought by either her parents or her late fiancé parent''s.


Emily should defintely get rid of Arie. I'm not impressed with any of her remaining choices.


Team Jef!


I also think the producers set Arie up to have this "big story" come out later in the show. It's REALLY not even a big deal...Arie and Cassie casually dated EIGHT years ago...only Emily would freak out about something so minimal. Arie was told by producers not to bring it up, so why blame him for something when he was specifically told not to do it? She is so high-maintenance and emotional...I don't see how anyone will be good enough for her!


but if they told him not to say anything, that it was "handled"? Sounds to me like the producers set him up to generate some drama later in the show. Boo on them!


emily is a big joke. NOONE will be good enough for her and her little darling ricky. emily, newsflash, everyone has a past and baggage (some more than others) INCLUDING YOU. The guys are all nice but none of them and i mean none of them are all that. And none of them are ready to become a step father. Actually, I dont see emily ever allowing a third wheel of becoming a father to her child. and she wants more kids??? how about educating yourself lady, instead of being a gold digger and living off your parents and dead finances parents.


Keep him! He is obviously the best choice, and I think they are in love with each other. Arie and Emily were both manipulated by the people running the show. Anything for ratings! Don't give up on him Emily! Arie rocks!


get rid of him.... Not worth keeping if he didnt tell her right off and people who work on the show did! Lame.. They did it for ratings ..not caring about her actual feelings..if she actually not acting..who knows

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