The Bachelorette Preview: Final Three Revealed?

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The producers of The Bachelorette are running a tight ship this season, with little or no information thus far about who wins Emily Maynard's final rose.

At the same time, two extended previews airing at the end of last night's episode on ABC revealed plenty of details for those who paid attention.

The first preview, for next Monday's episode, is comprised of clips entirely from Croatia ... with Ryan emerging as the latest of this season's villains.

Or so it would appear. In any case, it gets much more revealing than that.

The second part of the preview involves clips from later this season, and shows the guys rumored to be Emily's final three with her in Curacao.

We'll withhold names in case you haven't seen it or really don't know, but you can see all three different fellas on dates with her in the tropics.

Emily has clearly grown close to all three already, so it's no surprise that she drops the obligatory "falling in love with several people" line.

What is surprising? The lack of final rose ceremony clips, even of just Emily.

Either all
The Bachelorette season finale footage is under total lockdown in a bank vault somewhere, or we're in for a non-traditional ending.

Could it be that the Southern Belle doesn't even hold a final rose ceremony, and chooses her mate straight from the final three, not two?

Just one theory, but it may have merit. As always, stay tuned.

Who do you think Emily should choose of the three?


Let's face it,only Emily's close friends and family really know her. My opinion is that she is a beautiful girl that is a good Mother and is a genuine person. Everyone wants to look their very best, and she is blessed with beauty(you jealous people out there!) We all have our favorite Bachelors, but people need to grow up and realize that ultimately it is Emily's choice as to who she has a real connection with. Arie has been my favorite, but his family was rude to her. Jef has really come a long way in the last few weeks. He is very cute too, but seems like a boy, where Emily seems more mature. Sean was a great guy too, but if the chemistry isn't there, then it just wasn't meant to be. Remember it is her choice, not ours. I think she did a fantastic job, and this was the best season yet. Is she perfect, of course not, NOBODY is?! I wish her nothing but the best.


Mary-Louise Ricketts - Tom,I am Emily's aunt. We were there for the wedding, and I saw how busy you were taknig pictures. I have seen many others you took of the wedding. They are all spectacular! I would recommend you to anyone who needs an exceptional photographer. You have done a beautiful job with beautiful subjects of course, I'm a litle prejudiced but it IS true Thank you again for helping to make lasting memories for Emily and Eric and both their families.


Steve Stop trying to spoil things!. She has 3 good guys to choose from. Arie --there is definately chemistry there . Jef -- a real good guy but a bit young. I think that Sean would be my choice as there is stability there. Arie would be away alot racing -- and she would still be sitting at home alone after Ricky goes to bed.


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Steve u dont know crap stop being negative she is mature and thats what matters in relationships


i guarantee you that that relationship won't last. finding love on a reality show and being engaged to someone three months later is just a joke. who is she kidding; the only person who will suffer is ricki, the very one she tries to protect.

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