Teen Mom Recap: Oh, The Places You Won't Go

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Teen Mom continued its depressing final season last night by delving deeper into the struggles of the fab four we know, love, love to hate, and sympathize with. It's a very complicated relationship ... something they all know plenty about.

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    Farrah I get her so much I have parents that dont let u do anything I respect them but it just gets old and u have to move away from them


    'Farrah' & 'Amber' need to go to Maci's house for a 5-year seminar on how to be a young mother AND approach your future with resolve & purpose, not beg every man to be your husband on the 1st date & take more pills than Betty Ford pre-rehab. All of you pregnant young ladies, learn from these two girls on exactly what NOT to do when you have children. Oh and I almost forgot, where in God's good name do these kids get the money for fake breasts & new homes, when the unemployment rate is higher now than it was in the Great Depression?


    How do you think they pay for their things? Would you exploit your every move for free? Technically their all working..
    I love this show but strongly disagree with how they express teen parents.im 18 and just gave birth to my daughter 7 weeks ago and I can honestly say it is the greatest joy in the world.i went to school through out my whole pregnancy and im about to start college.you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


    How do you think they afford things? They obviously get paid for doing the show,would you exploit your every move for free? Love the show but strongly disagree with how they express teen pregnancy.i just gave birth to my daughter a month ago and it is the greatest joy in the world.i went to school through my whole pregnancy and begin college this winter.you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


    Are any of uze teen parentz so wat if they get paid they are putin their livez on tv gud on them I reckon itz hard being a teen parent and so what if they're spoiled thatz juz lucky for them and the onez that hav not soo gud parentz that's sad but at the end of the day thatz stil their parentz I fink al of theem are doing a gud job even if some of the choices tthey make are not soo gud choicez they wil learn...one day


    They get paid $60,000 per season.


    I don't really understand the point you were trying to make in saying "is it just us or is Farrah seeming extra bratty and entitled for a girl who already gets everything?" of course girls who are spoiled will feel entitled to continue being spoiled. Of course girls who are treated like princesses and given everything will believe they are better than others. You should know that's what happens, and so should her parents have. You can't expect humility from someone when you give them everything.


    @regina I so agree with you! How is it that everyone and their boyfriends have new cars but neither of them work??? Wow. And its not farrahs fault she is the way she is. She can't even let sophia blink too hard without her parents constantly on her case.


    I just realized I do not like Farrah, Macy and about Catellyn, I do not understand what they are doing on that show, sice they do not have a baby anymore and all they keep saying is how their adoption decision was right and that from now on it is real life.


    Farrah is a total bitch. She calls her father Michael. Is so disrespectful to her parents that have done everything for her. To the point I mute the tv when she's on!

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