Taylor Armstrong on Set of Real Housewives: Taking a Chill Pill

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Following what one source described as a "catastrophic meltdown" while filming a scene on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong is reportedly taking it easy these days.

Taylor Armstrong Red Carpet Pic

"Taylor has been noticeably more subdued and under control since the horrible trip to Ojai," a Bravo insider tells Radar Online, referring to a cast trip to the Ojai Valley Inn where Armstrong appeared totally wasted. "She is trying to curb her drinking when the cameras are rolling because she recognizes that she has a very low tolerance for alcohol.

With Taylor having milked the suicide of Russell Armstrong for as much attention and money as possible, she's allegedly "nervous that producers are going to ax her at some point" because she is no longer interesting.

Therefore, the walking trainwreck is doing all she can to at least not cause any problems on set.

"Taylor hasn't quit drinking, she is just more cognizant of it while filming," the source adds. "Taylor needs a glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day."

Well, sure. He can be quite tiring to be a terrible human being.

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The only feeling this fake/plastic ho has are for herself. She is so fake. She's one of those girls who would crawl through a puddle of poop to get a new designer bag. Those alien lips and that fake crying - makes me sick. And I don't believe her husband beat her up. The guy probably killed himself because of her (if she didn't have something to do with it, that is...).


She does not get my sympathy, and I don't want to watch her anymore. Bravo should do background checks and keep grifters off the show. The results are tragic. I just don't want to watch her acting out. She craves money and social status, and would sell out anyone to get it. She needs therapy.


Poor woman, my ass!


I *really* wish people would quit bashing this poor woman. No matter what YOU think she's done, she is still a human being with feelings. The trauma she's endured will last a lifetime. Of course, she's drinking. MOST abused women turn to alcohol to cope. If her REAL friends cared about her, they would stage an intervention for her. I pray she finds the peace and happiness she's looking for. Love and blessings to all!


Low tolerance? She drinks all the time! Do they thing people are blind? She needs rehab

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