Source: Timothy Poe "Suicidal," Family Receiving Death Threats

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Timothy Poe, the America's Got Talent contestant making headlines this week for all the wrong reasons, is reportedly "suicidal," an insider tells TMZ.

As we've documented over the last couple days, Poe auditioned for AGT on Tuesday night; told a story about how he suffered brain damage in Afghanistan; and even presented a photo of himself in combat.

HOWEVER, that photo was later proven to be of another solider and Poe is yet to produce any evidence of his injury or his time served.

Timothy Poe Photo

As the show struggles with how to deal with the fallout of this apparent lie - it will apparently edit down footage of Poe in Las Vegas next week - TMZ reports that he's been crying all week and is yet to leave his house.

A loved one says Poe is suffering from Post Tramautic Stress Syndrome.

Meanwhile, sources also tell the site that family members have been receiving death threats. Poe's sister-in-law, for example, went into a store with her children yesterday and was told by a fellow consumer: "We're going to kill you and the whole family."

Poe's fiancee has also been answering phone calls from haters that got his number off social media.

It's a sad situation overall, but let's hope no one out there reacts in any truly violent fashion when it comes to a man who, it most certainly seems, is dealing with some significant personal demons.


In this day in age how did he think he could pull off such a big lie??


Who does this guy think he is coming up with bogus bio like that, a presidential candidate?


Ok, so this idiot comes on the show with a sob story about how he was "injured in combat." The country grieves. Then the truth starts coming out. The country gets pissed. Now he suffers from PTSD, and is suicidal and his family is getting "death threats." The country grieves. This is "made for tv drama." What is the cost for the tickets for this roller coaster ride. Keep him on, let him face the nation. Best quote of the year: So, no shit, there I wasn't -Tim Poe


A dollar to a dime says the pukes making the threats are ex-military right wingers. They're the only ones who care about this silly sh_t.

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