Source: Timothy Poe "Suicidal," Family Receiving Death Threats

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Timothy Poe, the America's Got Talent contestant making headlines this week for all the wrong reasons, is reportedly "suicidal," an insider tells TMZ.

As we've documented over the last couple days, Poe auditioned for AGT on Tuesday night; told a story about how he suffered brain damage in Afghanistan; and even presented a photo of himself in combat.

HOWEVER, that photo was later proven to be of another solider and Poe is yet to produce any evidence of his injury or his time served.

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As the show struggles with how to deal with the fallout of this apparent lie - it will apparently edit down footage of Poe in Las Vegas next week - TMZ reports that he's been crying all week and is yet to leave his house.

A loved one says Poe is suffering from Post Tramautic Stress Syndrome.

Meanwhile, sources also tell the site that family members have been receiving death threats. Poe's sister-in-law, for example, went into a store with her children yesterday and was told by a fellow consumer: "We're going to kill you and the whole family."

Poe's fiancee has also been answering phone calls from haters that got his number off social media.

It's a sad situation overall, but let's hope no one out there reacts in any truly violent fashion when it comes to a man who, it most certainly seems, is dealing with some significant personal demons.

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Baloney. I don't for a nanosecond believe his sister-in-law has been threatened, nor his fiance. The reason he is locked in his house bawling his eyes out is that he has been caught out in a massive lie from which he cannot extricate himself. Boo friggity hoo. Deal with it, sunshine. You should have thought of that before you held yourself out as a military hero.


I take back my comment earlier (the first comment on this article)... Sometimes my anti-psychotic medication makes me a little weird. Also, I have problems with "ex military right wingers" because as a liberal nancy boy they make me feel inferior and inadequate, especially around women (which is why I go for men now)


I disagree with the previous comment very strongly. How do you come off calling us veterans "ex-military right wingers"?? And, yes, we care very strongly about what you call this silly sh_t!! You obviously have nothing that you take a special and very deserved pride in. Being a member of a selected team of people who had and have the fortitude to step forward and lay their lives on the line to defend someone like you and your right to say something so stupid make us veterans a unique family. So, you can take your stupid comment and stuff it. I served my country defending your right to sound like an idiot, so go for it.


WEll, this was an interesting story, because I thought something wasn't right when I saw the show. He comes out on stage stuttering like a trip hammer, then after he gets the yes's...backstage he never stuttered once...that's when I said to my brother..."Wait a minute...something ain't right...this guy is acting." And now....the doggy doo hits the fan...Vegas should be taking bets on whether he has the knackers to show up in Vegas.


Let's get the story straight. If u want the truth watch news 8 Dallas tonight. Second no family member has gotten death threats and third there has been no calls to fiance from haters. Just media


The only thing he is dealing with is claiming to be a hero when he
is nothing but a ZERO! How dumb can you be when telling you were
injured in Afghanistan & you were lying to yourself & everybody. Lies doesn't stay hidden very long. I cannot feel sorry for him
he is too old to be lying about himself & to the whole country.
Suicidal he isn't & humiliated, he should be & it's all his fault.


pts MY FKN ASS. hes never been in a situation to cause it. otherwise every person who plays call of duty has it. he is a liar and the only reason he wont leave his house is he knows...especially living in texas...HIS LIFE IS FORFEIT...he WILL NOT get a job, he WILL NOT get a bank loan, HE WILL NOT get assistance of any kind....HIS FIANCEE' will be subjected DESERVINGLY to the same treatment. the only thing that keeps me personally from harming him IS NOT jail time AT ALL. he just aint worth the


This guy is a total douchbag. It sickens me that he tried to use the sympathy card and fake stutter. He was in the military for less than 1 month overseas and way less time than 14 years. Definitely no hero and certainly not a war hero! Shame on you and your family for supporting such a lie. Go crawl back under the rock you came out from under..


I do not agree with what this former Soldier did or said, but the fact still remains he was a Soldier that served his time in the military, and a Soldier is a Soldier, we take care of our own. There are so many Soldiers and Civilians out there that has done and said worse in different ways than what Tim has done. No one got hurt but peoples emotions, that can be fixed, he didn't kill, hurt or torture anyone. So why is everyone in such a hurry to do this to him and his family?? It diguests me to see people hate like this, can you all call yourself any better than what Tim has said?? Think about it people, how you all have acted and the hatred you all have shown makes me wonder why I fight for this GREAT COUNTRY!! TO ERR IS HUMAN; TO FORGIVE, DIVINE!! From a Soldier


IF he is telling the truth PROVE IT!!! Stop the sob story and produce the truth. It's that simple. A great chance he's a liar, so admit it.