Source: Timothy Poe "Suicidal," Family Receiving Death Threats

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Timothy Poe, the America's Got Talent contestant making headlines this week for all the wrong reasons, is reportedly "suicidal," an insider tells TMZ.

As we've documented over the last couple days, Poe auditioned for AGT on Tuesday night; told a story about how he suffered brain damage in Afghanistan; and even presented a photo of himself in combat.

HOWEVER, that photo was later proven to be of another solider and Poe is yet to produce any evidence of his injury or his time served.

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As the show struggles with how to deal with the fallout of this apparent lie - it will apparently edit down footage of Poe in Las Vegas next week - TMZ reports that he's been crying all week and is yet to leave his house.

A loved one says Poe is suffering from Post Tramautic Stress Syndrome.

Meanwhile, sources also tell the site that family members have been receiving death threats. Poe's sister-in-law, for example, went into a store with her children yesterday and was told by a fellow consumer: "We're going to kill you and the whole family."

Poe's fiancee has also been answering phone calls from haters that got his number off social media.

It's a sad situation overall, but let's hope no one out there reacts in any truly violent fashion when it comes to a man who, it most certainly seems, is dealing with some significant personal demons.

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Why don't all you judgemental haters leave Tim alone. He was in the military and it should be obvious he has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome! I believe that he truly believes he was njured in Afghanistan. Judge no one and let no one judge you for one day only One will have the right to judge us all. America's Got Talent after praising Tim for his voice copped out last night aaying there were other voices much better than Tims. No way, Tim's voice is amazing it hits our emotions deep inside when he sings. I hope someh day, Drs. will step up and fill us all in on what happened to this obvious gentle man. Keep singing Tim there are many of us that want to hear your amazing voice!


its amazing how most people who comment on this issue, know everything. shame on you people for commenting when you dont know for sure. you were probably the same ones who said o j killed nicole, even though you weren't there to know!!!!


He's not suicidal! It makes me sick that this guy is still getting sympathy from gullible viewers. Some believe his story that he is confused about what the reality of what happened is or they think that he has other issues that caused him to lie. This guy knows exactly what he is doing and what he did. He lied to receive glory and take the financial rewards available from good hearted people. And he is continuing to lie to gain sympathy so he can get away with it. He is using peoples unwillingness to believe someone would purposely lie and continue to lie even after being caught. He intentionally uses peoples trust in the ultimate goodness of human nature to continue his attempt to receive sympathy. He is a con man.


If he served for 9 years that's admirable, but why bastardize his duty by fabricating a lie around it. I just don't understand.


Three words- Abu Ghraib torture.
come on lets talk about your beloved war heroes then.


America's Got Talent should invite members of all armed services, those who recieved Purple Hearts as honored guests to the attend the Las Vegas show where Mr. Poe be made to walk on stage and apologize.


This "person" steals the valour of all war veterans and for that there is no excuse. As a third generation Australian war veteran I hold the hight contempt of these inexcusable actions. The show should now show all veterans how seriously they take his theft of valour and publically send him packing.


Meg, Poe's misrepresentation and false claims do demean the service of others who actually got injured, or killed, and actually have the medals he lied about having here and at past events. It's take a proverbial dump on other people's service and it is theft of valor. It's a veteran thing, you wouldn't understand. Poe needs to just come clean and apologize, but at each chance he has been given, he lies more and digs deeper. His records show that he is a fraud as do other people who were in his unit. Since Poe can lie to America on public TV continually without conscience, perhaps he should not worry about music and look into a career in politics.


yea i bet alot of money he wont show up in vegas!! why in the hell would he lie??? that isnt gunna get him further...people just went out there an sang their songs...not told some sob story about them.!!

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