Snooki Nude Photos: Leaked, Seductive!

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Snooki is not opposed to flaunting her kooka on Jersey Shore, but we're still guessing she probably didn't want these pictures of herself to go public.

It's unclear how, but the reality star looks to be the latest victim of sexy cell phone photos gone amok, with several very revealing shots leaking online.

Here's one of the least risque Snooki photos in question ...

Hot Snooki Photo

While it's not clear who leaked the photos, the Daily Mail (UK) obtained and published them, and the 24-year-old is clearly having some fun.

She can be seen taking photos of herself clutching her girls, in a robe opened to reveal her body, as well as completely in the buff in one pic.

"Clearly these are old, personal photos that were not meant for the public," the now- pregnant Snooki's rep told E! News following the leak.

"It's a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain."

The usually loquacious reality star, who recently got engaged to (as well as knocked up by) Jionni LaValle, has yet to address the subject.

Follow the link for two more (NSFW) Snooki photos ...

Snooki, No Pants
Snooki Topless

Snooki: Would you ... you know?


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