Sister Wives' Kody Brown: I'm Not a Womanizer!

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Sister Wives' Kody Brown may have four wives and 17 kids, but that does not make the polygamist reality TV star a womanizer, he insists.

In a new tell-all interview with NBC News' Natalie Morales, Kody and wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn were grilled about their lifestyle.

Their new book, Becoming Sister Wives, also details much of the same material, notably Kody's past and his many girlfriends in high school.

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Some viewers might say that's not particularly surprising, considering he now has four wives (he's only legally married to his first wife, Meri).

Kody explained in the interview with Morales that when he was 14, he was trying to figure out his life as a wild boy, before his "calling."

His calling as a spiritual person, that is.

Natalie's response? "So it wasn't that you chose religion to be a womanizer?" Incredulous and stunned, Kody replied, "Is that what you think I am, a womanizer?"

He went on to defend himself, insisting that he had "done the emotional work" in his relationships and "shouldered their needs as much as I could."

He insists, "I was never womanizing. ... This is NOT an open marriage."

Is it, though? No doubt he cares for each, but is religion just providing cover for him to pursue new women? Wonder what Meri & Co. think deep down.

Sister Wives:


I don't really care for their life style, but lets face it, there are how many DEAD BEAT DADS are out there, and Kody seems to be in tune with his kids, you see him interacting with them, laying down rules and talking to them in a calm manner.. At least he is there for them. If his wives don't mind sharing, then its none of my business, not my life style that I want to live, but heck they live better than most of us do.. Not sure what type of business he has, but they all seem happy. Yes they have issues, but who doesn't. I'm raising 2 grand kids as their mother left them when they were small, dad loves them but has his own demons to deal with and I'm struggling. Those 4 women take care of each others kids, help out when one is sick, they all seem to be trying to find jobs.. Lets stay out of his business. He isn't one of these guys like the Dude in Texas, who marries many young women under 16 and they live in a capture situation..


Wouldn't every man love to be able to cheat on his wife with approval from her. Who's gaining anything here? The man of course....getting it on every single night...maybe it will fall over soon....


These 5 adults appear to be very nice, family-oriented people. They are following their religious beliefs, which is guaranteed by our constitution. Their older kids seem to have good heads on their shoulders and it's obvious they've been raised to think for themselves. I just don't think they should be judged for their lifestyle. They aren't hurting anyone and they're raising good kids. I can think of many, many worse scenarios in this society. I say live and let live.


Who cares? The women chose this too. If you don't like it, don't live like they do. It's their business, their choice.


Although I am an monogamist type f female, I think people have wayyyyy to much time worrying about other peoples lifestyles. its there business and who are we to judge. at the end of the day they have to answer to only one....and that is God! Get a life people cause its too short and its the only one we have!


It is not only the polygamists that father children with women they aren't married to and do so with multiple women. But in the polygamist world some of the mother's work and some take care of the kids. Before the show one mom was home and the husband and two wives working and/or attending classes.


Saw a documentary once on such polygamy marriages. It was said since only the first wife is legally the spouse? That the other wives and their "gazillion" kids in many cases go to the Welfare dept. and sign up for Govt. benefits as single moms. So, I'm sure many of these folks LOVE Obama because we taxpayers are indeed paying for their polygamist lifestyle. Again, the liberal lifestyles only add to the entitlement rolls and thus, jacks up the price for such programs which means the taxpayers pocket gets "picked" DEEPER & more. Disgusting!

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