Sherri Shepherd Responds to Rape Threat on Twitter, Files Police Report

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Sherri Shepherd. You go, girl!

The View co-host has taken action against a total loon on Twitter, actually filing a police report over an exchange that featured some maniac threatening to rape the actress.

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The Tweet took place last night, with @DaCloneKiller writing to Shepherd: "Somebody should drag u in a back alley and rape you."

Shepherd re-Tweeted and added: "THIS IS A THREAT & I'M PISSED… You think I should be raped in a back alley? Let's see if the police agree w you & I took a pic of your tweet. I am going 2 file a police report 4U threatening me... And so help me God, when I find out where U live, charges will follow."

Shepherd proceeded to stand by her word, posting again last night:

"Just returned from filing a police report for this online harassment nonsense. I will be pursuing this legally… This type of bullying is one of the reasons children are killing themselves b/c there's no consequences for the bully(s)."

In a word: AMEN, Sherri Shepherd!

Between death threats made against Selena Gomez, and anyone who dares criticize Chris Brown, it's refreshing to see a celebrity take a stand against complete idiots online.



What kind of whacko would want to rape fat Sherry? If they can't do better then that, they deserve to be in jail.


DMJG, i think Sherri's starting to think she's bigger than what she is(fame wise). I'd be surprised if The Talk don't beat The View's butt at the Daytime Emmy's this year!!


I know first hand what it is like to be raped and there are NO words to express what it is like. I hope they find this animal and throw him so far into jail there will be no to get out because this is not his first time doing this kind of thing and he is a danger to all society and that is a fact. Stay very safe OK and watch everybody around you at all times. MAY GOD KEEP YOU SAFE 24/7 AS I AM CERTAIN HE WILL!!!


@ Nyesha, that was the stupidest thing I've heard 2day. U should b able 2 get on ANY social network w/out having 2 deal wit assholes. Now 'sum' ppl I kno would have tracked the person down & killed them, so she handled it correctly


@donnab, totally agree


DMJG- they are terroristic threats. This is not part of the "freedom of speech". I am so sick of people using & abusing the "freedom of speech". If you say that someone should rape you that's a threat!!! I'm no fan of Sherri Shephard but I don't want to see anything happen to her or anyone else. She should have done what she did but she didn't have to Tweet about it. The problem with Twitter and Facebook with some celbs and other people is that they put TMI on-line.


I don't think she should have answered the tweet at all, especially not give an answer explaining what she was planning on doing. All she had to do was just report it to whoever she had to.


This is bull,if she has a case then shouldn't the police go after Spike Lee for tweeting the address of the elderly couple after the trayvon fiasco, and yes he removed it later after they had to leave their home because of threats and he found out it was the wrong address.


What if the person doesn't even live in America...smh.
If people don't like the threats n bullying associated with social network, I suggest they stay off the internet.
Do you know how many crazy people roam the internet! I hate to hear people complaining, and when the gov wants to take action and have access to everyone's social profiles, they get upset saying its private and don't want the gov in their personal can't have it both ways. Just stay offline if u feel threaten and delete your accounts. Simple!



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