Sheena Monnin Text Messages Bash Miss Colorado and Miss South Carolina, Outline "Conspiracy"

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Former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin may or may not be a crazy conspiracy theorist or anti-LGBT, but she's definitely one catty beauty pageant girl.

Miss Colorado and Miss South Carolina shouldn't have made the Top 16 at the Miss USA pageant, because they lacked in the face, Monnin said.

Miss USA obtained texts it claims Sheena sent to a pageant official during the competition, in which Sheena says the competition was rigged.

In them ... Sheena basically just bitches about losing to other girls.

Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin
Monnin Texts

Sheena Monnin, who resigned as Miss Pennsylvania because of this and accused Miss Universe of fraud, writes, "Colorado? South Carolina? I'm done. This is ridiculous. It's obviously rigged so the girl they want can shine."

"They kept several beautiful girls out for that reason."

Monnin also alleged that Miss Florida Karina Brez saw a list of the final five before the show even aired, an allegation Brez says is totally false.

Miss USA sources believe the texts and Brez's denials show Sheena's conspiracy theory is 100% emotionally-motivated, not based on fact.

The Miss Universe organization has filed a defamation suit.

While texts don't exactly disprove Sheena's conspiracy theory ... they definitely show how hilariously catty models/beauty queens can be.


Sheena! Sheena! The poor girl did not make the cut, but made headlines the next day, like she won. Girl, apologize now and move on, sorry u were not placed, big time!! Message for u, YOU DO NOT MAKE SOMETHING U HEARD AS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH! - u have no strong evidence with ms Florida saying it was a joke!


Brenda. Shallow? You call her shallow. Funny thing to say coming from someone who has no morals, or backbone to stand up for what she thinks and what normal people believe. Next they will except sheep into the contest, cause they are female in species. To keep out the sheep would be biased as keeping out a male that has tits and no penis, but can't have children BECAUSE IT"S NOT A WOMAN. WTF sheepeople are Idiots, like you.


Miss Rhode Island deserved the crown she won honestly and fairly. Her name had never been mentioned as a finalist on any leaked list.
She will prove that when she competes as Miss USA in the Miss Universe Pageant. Her natural beauty, poise and confidence will be evident to everyone!


She didn't make the top 16 cuz she doesn't have the perfect 35-25-35 figure. She's dumb and thinks she's better than anyone else. She doesn't have that. She just wants attention which any whore would do! She's a slutty tramp! period! A slutty, slutty tramp!


Pretty is as pretty does. These remarks show how shallow this woman really is. I hope the pagent officials continue with the lawsuit to teach this small minded person a lesson. She can always play mirror mirror. That way shes the fairest of all

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