Shaunie O'Neal: Basketball Wives Firings Not My Doing

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Shaunie O'Neal, the former wife of Shaquille O'Neal, denies she played any role in getting three fellow Basketball Wives stars fired. Do you believe her?

O'Neal is adamant that it's not her fault that the cast members were axed and insists she learned the surprising casting news when everyone else did.

Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols are getting the heave-ho.

Basketball Wives Season 4 Cast

Basketball Wives: So much drama. So few actual wives.

Sources close to Shaunie, who's also an executive producer on the show, say O'Neal was blindsided and that the production company leaves her in the dark.

O'Neal says she's butted heads with higher-ups over the violent direction the show was headed (brawls, fights, bitchiness) and has been ostracized.

Moreover, Shaunie says in the wake of the firings, she's willing to walk away from the popular series "if it becomes something she no longer believes in."

Try to contain your laughter at that last part.

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Shaunie is a businesswomen you may not like what she sells but don't hate on her.Any one of those women are replaceable. That being said I would take boring,spineless Keisha over Crazy,DUMB, troublemaking SUZY any day.


Shaunie is a knieving lil bitch! That show is a joke and I hope it cancelled! Some of us watch reality shows for more than entertainment...we watch to see how the other half live, what they are wearing, what's going on in the hollywood social life and this show took that to a whole nother level.


Shaunie is an absolute liar. I love it how she plays the innocent role like she hates the violence but then instigates during the show. She absolutely knew that Jennifer, Kesha, and Royce were going to be fired and probably signed off on their walking papers. Even though Evelyn and Tammy bully all of the other ladies, I think that Shaunie is the worst because she is the puppet master holding the strings. Shaunie needs to look up the word hypocrite because she is definitely one. I'll save her some time. According to, a hypocrite is a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. Next to the definition is a picture of Shaunie O'Neal.


shaunie is a liar. ofcourse she knew.she sits back and watched and set up those girls to do dirt, for the sake of money and being a producer. evelyn is certainly in for it when she marries that bum, she will have a lot more people to fight then. Tami, there are no words for tammi. she stands at least 4 inches taller and 50 lbs heavier than that chick yet she picked on her. and Susie is a big mouth who is also a liar.can stand none of them. but i liked Royce and Jen. the other two they ut on the show as fresh meat for the bullies.


Evelyn has major issues. A grown ass woman fighting in every restaurant and/or venue she is at. Can't take the ghetto out of a woman, it no wonder why she didn't get married the first time. Chad look out as she is a money hungery bitch. I like Kesha, she is real and sweet. As much as Tammi might instigate, I like her too. She is beautiful and real. She needs to drop Evelyn. Shaunie sits back and lets it all happen, while she is taking in all the $$$$. Jennifer irritates me to no end and Royce, egh, I can take her or leave her. Keisha has issues as well. I would be careful around her as she is scheming and scheming big. Susie wants to be everybody's friend. But to be their friend, she needs to open her mouth and backstab everyone, pit everyone against each other with no remorse. She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. I love the show and we need to add new people. But these woman, if you look outside the box, is it a wonder why you are all single or divorced?


Shaunie is the producer of the show and everyone that she is friends with, will remain; What sense does that make? Tami is a bully, because she talked smack to a person that was fearful of her. Evelyn is marrying a football player, just how is she going to figure into 'baskerball wives'? Evelyn hated Jennifer because she tried to stand up for herself; so everytime she saw her she threatened to pop her, what's that Shaunie? Suzie runs around repeating everything that is told to her, and kissing Evelyn and Tami's ass. Shaunie stay off the show and get all new 'basketball wives'. Upward and onward Shaunie get rid of them and be there to deligate behind the scenes. Get rid of the rif raf your reputation is at stake here. Jennifer, Royce, and Kenya are all boring and they all need to be replaced, remember everyone's replaceable.


They should of fired Suzie and Kenya! Suzie you are useless!


That show is a Hot mess! Old ass messy hoes should b the name of the show. They should be happy to be able to try new things good luck girls


Shaunie .......... Stop lying . You saw all of this blooming before your eyes and you turned a cheek and let your BEST friend take over and become one of the most evil women on this show . This season was just a disgrace , and you helped to get it there . There is growth from this except hate an an not taking accountability for these grown women slapping and hitting eachother. Shame on YOU ,EVENLYN and TAMMY ,,, You are young women is ok to be bullys and still be popular on tv . Never will watch again and will tell all my friends who dont watch , to NEVER watch !!!


Shaunie needs to get a grip. Everyone is going to have Drama. That show had too much Drama. Tammie and Evelyn acted like some High School bullies. The Show did not show them doing may positive things. It was all about he said she said stuff.